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Friday, January 27, 2023

Mysteries decks are shipping


I have started to ship the pre-orders for the Mysteries of Mary and the Black Madonna decks.

Some orders are delayed by a week or two by delays in the supply chain.  We
are dealing with heavy load shedding in South Africa and everything is taking longer, but all orders are being shipped.
When your parcel is handed in with the couriers, you receive a mail with all details, from my online store. 

I am waiting on another small batch of both decks and these will be put on sale as soon as they arrive,  You can subscribe to this blog for updates or to my Patreon as patrons are notified first

I work with a small boutique printing company, with a green footprint and every step of the way is done by hand.  All parts of the deck set is handcrafted and it will not be perfect but small irregularities do exist.  It is a unique work of art.  I do not have access to the big deck printing presses in the rest of the world.

The Mysteries decks in Marian Library of Dayton University
I once again have very exciting news to share with you. Both the Mysteries of Mary and the Mysteries of the Black Madonna have been acquired by the Marian library of Dayton University in the US. The Marian library is one of the biggest academic resources on Virgin Mary. Both the decks will be displayed in an art exhibition curated by Dayton University at the end of February. The librarians have promised to send photographs of the exhibition which I will share with you.


Imaging Pilgrimage
AND the book Imaging Pilgrimage by Dr Kathryn Barush, academic, pilgrim and Marian devotee, is now available in paperback at $26. Which is amazing as the hardcover sold for $180. Its published by Bloomsbury Publishing. I shared details previously of the beautiful book in which the entire chapter 2 is dedicated to my work and the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck. It also contains colour photographs of some of my earlier work.

Mysteries of the Red Madonna
As the Red Madonna deck is unfolding I am getting excited to share it with you. It will be completed by September this year.
When I travel to Haridwar with a small group of Flamekeepers on pilgrimage in September, I will buy sarees from
which I will make the deck pouches. I will take the material down to the Ganga to be blessed before bringing it back with me. I will also bring back malas to be included with the deck. This will probably only be for a limited number of decks, patrons will get first choice.
Most of the altars are covered in pieces or trim of saree cloth



Thursday, January 12, 2023

Pre-orders of the Mysteries tarot decks


Thank you for your amazing support.

The pre-order for December/January is now sold out.

I will offer a final batch on pre-order (for the year) during February/March 2023.

Two of us are checking, sorting and packing all the orders and shipping will start on Monday 24 January 2023 and it will take approximately three weeks to get all the parcels off to you.  I thank you for your patience.  This is a long and slow process as everything is done by myself.  

You will receive a notification from my website to say that your deck has been handed in with DHL Courier Express.  This will be followed by an email from DHL within 48 hours with tracking details.  If you have any issues with missing parcels, please let me know.  DHL has a very good track record with my deliveries.  Deliveries take approximately ten days worldwide; some countries are a bit slower.  I am shipping from Cape Town, South Africa.

Please consider supporting my Walking with Mary community and the Order of the Dove on Patreon : www.patreon.com/walkingwithmary


Sri Hettienne BhaktymayiMaria Ma

Monday, December 19, 2022

Updates on Walking with Mary and the Hearth of Mary

 Mysteries of Mary and Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot decks are on sale. 
I only have a limited amount of decks available and shipping will take place 
January 2023.

The decks have arrived and these are pictures of this new printing.  It has taken 18 months
to find a printing company that was willing to co-ordinate various requirements and the
results are good. 

Since Covid19 South Africa's economy is crippled and the national postal services have collapsed,
I tried shipping out stickers to my patrons on Patreon and only a handful arrived in Europe and very few in the US.  There is no international tracking available and lost parcels simply just disappear.
The only option I have is to send decks with DHL Courier Express and it is very
expensive.  The only highlight is that if you live in the US and UK you do not pay custom duties as I ship these as printed matter.  Shipping prices start at $70 and some are even higher, but I have put up a flat shipping rate and I am subsidizing the extra.

Buyers will receive an email from my website when the parcel is handed in with DHL and you will receive another email from DHL with tracking details.
Delivery worldwide takes between 4 and 10 days depending on the world zone.

My many blogs (links in the sidebar) have all migrated together to an online Patreon
community at http://www.patreon.com/walkingwithmary
I share on-going themes of the journey with Mary, both spiritual, astrology and tarot.
I focus on various monthly and yearly themes and tiers start at $2 per month.
The highest tiers give you entrance into the Order of the Dove with initiations into
the spiritual path as Flamekeepers.

I also share the creative and spiritual journey and undertaking of creating the Mysteries of the Red Madonna, and Her Beloved tarot deck.

In 2023 I am travelling with 7 Flamekeepers to the cities of Haridwar and Varanasi on a shaktypat retreat.  I still have one space available


Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Shaktypat Retreat and Yatra to the holy cities of Haridwar and Varanasi


A yatra/pilgrimage to the holiest city of the Kumbh Mela in India, Haridwar and Benares (Varanasi) City of Lights.  I have travelled to India many times since 2009, with groups, on my own and also leading workshops and retreats.  Accommodation has been booked in my favourite holy house (haveli) in Haridwar. 

We are a small group of pilgrims travelling from 15 September to 26 September 2023 and I had one cancellation which means that I have spot available on this retreat/yatra.

If you are interested please send an email to me at hgsacredart@gmail.com and I will send all the details.

Aarthi and darshan at Hari ka Paur ghat in Haridwar

15 to 26 September 2023

Haridwar, holiest city in India, Kumb Mehla site

Five nights in the hundred year old pilgrim house, Haveli Hari Hotel, on the Ganges.  I have stayed at the Haveli during each of my visits and am always yearning to return.

We will be staying in the beautiful Heritage Rooms.  The hotel is right in the religious district of Haridwar and we will walk down to aarthi at the ghat and meander through the market stalls selling religious items.  We are within walking distance of the promenade where sadhus sit and 'teach'.

The Hari Haveli has a private indoor temple, a private bathing ghat and an in-house priest for special ceremonies or ritual.

This part of the pilgrimage will include initiations, kundalini mantra, shaktypat, diksha as well as puja by myself. Also the very powerful interaction at the Hari Ka Paur Aarthi with personal participation.


Group meditations, initiations and shaktypat will be held in a private meditation/yoga room in the hotel to coincide with temple and ashram visits and Aarthi.  There will be a few hours each day for rest or exploring the markets and walking along the Ganga. Both Haridwar and Varanasi are yatra destinations and the markets supply pilgrims with malas, khumkhum, sandalwood, shawls, statues, silks and much more.


We will attend aarthi at Har Ki Pauri ghat; you will be able to float prayer flowers down the river and buy garlands as offerings to Ganga Ma.  The Haveli offers an inhouse temple and priest, a private ghat for ceremony and ritual as well as a private bathing ghat.

Excursions are booked to the ashram of Anandamayi Ma

- a full day visit to Rishikesh and its ashrams as well as attending aarthi at the Parmath Niketan ghat

- a visit to the Chandi Devi temple

- a tour of the many temples of Haridwar

and special restaurants.

Transport has been booked between cities; a combination of rail travel with first class seats and flights.

Aarthi on the main ghat of Varanasi (Benares)

Varanasi (Benares)

We will be staying in the pilgrim house Amritara Suryauday Haveli, situated on the main ghat of Varanasi.

Our time here will be spent  :

- an the evening boat ride on a private boat on the Ganges. You will have the opportunity to place flowers on the river with your prayers. We will witness the incredible Aarthi to Ma Ganga from the boat and see the spectacle in all its magnitude.

- dawn boat ride on the Ganga. We will travel down to the burning and bathing ghats and witness the city of Varanasi engaged in its ancient sacred rituals. We will explore temples along the ghat

- a visit to the Durga temple

- a visit to the Kashi Vishwanath temple, known as the Golden Temple, one of seven all across India

Varanasi ghat


Hettienne BhaktymayiMa

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Mysteries of Mary tarot deck pre-orders


The Mysteries of Mary tarot deck is now available on pre-order. The listings are available on my website www.hergracesacredart.com

Only a limited number of decks will be available.

The Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot decks will be available on pre-order by the end of November.


Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot deck sale


The Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot decks were printed during Covid19's highest lockdown in South Africa.  All businesses, except essential services, were closed down for a couple of months.  This, together with the collapse of international freight, minimum staff at Customs, and on and on, had a disastrous effect for the printing of a relatively small batch of cards.  I had to face challenge after challenge for the printing of both the decks and the books.  Businesses were in survival mode and there was no re-printing or tweaking of cards. 

Eventually I found a printer that could deliver, but only after I had received 300 decks from various printing company.  Some went straight into the recycling, but some I kept.

The Mysteries of the Black Madonna decks are sold out but I do have two boxes of decks that have minor imperfections.  I am planning to put these up for sale at a reduced price. 

Each deck will be accompanied by a handmade black velvet pouch lined with gold, the guidebook and the deck of cards.

The imperfection is the very noticeable die cut mark on the top and bottom ends of the cards. These cards are also laminated with a waterproof matte layer which makes the cards thicker and sturdier than the ones that I have been selling.

I will share more clear and in detail pictures when they go up for sale in the online shop at www.hergracesacredart.com

 I will also offer the option to purchase one of a variety of miniature Mary statues.  These are not available as a purchase on its own as the postal shipping is totally unreliable and there are still countries that are not open for mail from Africa.  Shipping is only offered with DHL Courier Express which is a direct delivery by courier.

Patrons of The Temple of Mary on Patreon always receive first choice and the date that the decks will be dropped in the shop with everyone else will be shared here on this blog and on my Instagram feed @walkingwithmary. 



Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Black Madonna of the New Dawn

An extract from an exclusive post on Patreon during the Novena to Our Lady of Living Fire

Nine days of images, art, contemplation and prayer

 Our Lady of the New Dawn sacred altar available

on www.hergracesacredart.com

It is a soft dawn sprinkled with the drops of birdsong.
In the sky the new moon is hanging just above the rising sun. I ponder my statue of Mary, placed in the most eastern corner of my garden, directly in the light of dawn during the astrological new year. 
Cloaked in the haze of the morning light, intense bliss rises in me, both tightening and releasing my heart and chest simultaneously and I hear the voice of Mary.
'You are not who you think you are.  It is not necessary, and at times quite pointless, to hang on to your weaknesses, foibles and strengths with such intent and focus.
Your nature may not always please you, or suit your idea of who you are.
The more you resist what is happening in your life and the more you resist your nature, the greater the wall which is blocking the light.
Only the warmth of the Light and its spiritual qualities of acceptance, compassion, understanding and peace, can bring life back to the barren wasteland that lies behind that wall.
Those who seek do not realise that it appears to them that they are making free and liberated choices, but this is very seldom true. You are a compilation of impressions, feelings, reactions, memories, half-felt emotions, fleeting desires and wishes and unexplored and half-lived dreams.
You carry within you the memories of all time.
At times you may appear to be a book, its pages the Keeper of all stories ever told and at other times you may feel like the blank pages, ready to be written onto. 
Both of these ideas may drive you to frustration, and into trying to become either or both or even 
to transcend the human experience by side-stepping the creative dance of creating and destroying.
But you are so much more than all of the above.  Within you lies the Holy Seed, dormant, waiting on the Kiss of Light.  Only the mind, with its ideas like clouds in the sky, is obscuring the Light from awakening the Tree of Life within you.
A mind locked down with ideas and concepts and beliefs of how you should be, is like concrete poured down onto a pavement.  It is only with the wearing away of time and weather that cracks can form, through which the tendril of a soft new plant can grow.  This tiny plant has the potential to become the beanstalk that will take Jack into the heavens of the giant.
A mind concretized with set ideas and theories, is the greatest obstacle to peace and ongoing blossoming and fruiting.

 That moment of absolute alignment with the Spirit within, is the kiss of the Light.

And all you need for that to happen, is to drop everything.
By that I mean that you can let your mind and its many doors and passages and rooms, drop away.
Over and over.
Every day
Every time

You are standing in the Light and each moment that you open your heart and you accept yourself and your nature and the many selves that you have created, you will receive the kiss of Light.
And I ask you to share your love with everyone, as we are all the One.'

- Our Lady of the Living Fire

Full article is availabe on Patreon