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Friday, September 8, 2023

Rosary of the Three Marys


III Holyrood Three of Marys, the new card to the second edition of the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck - pre-orders now on the website hergracesacredart.com

Rosary of the Triple Mother, The Three Marys

Start on the first large bead of the rosary and invoke the Presence of the Supreme Cosmic Mother

Our Mother of the Cosmos

Of the Earth and of the Heaven

Our Mother Divine, luminous black light of the darkness

Holy Womb of all Creation

Holy is Thy name, O Mother of the Cosmos,

Bless and nurture Your children

In You we trust

Bead 2

O  Dove of Virgin Mary

Give birth to my Soul

Bead 3

O Black Madonna

Transmute all my sorrows 

Bead 4

O Mary Magdalene

Grant me the hieros gamos between body and soul

Second large bead

O Father-Mother God, Divine One

Hallowed be Thy Name

The Heart Medal

We love all life as the Divine Three Marys

as we hold the Immaculate Concept in the oneness of the Sacred Heart

First Decant

Hail Mary, Lady of Grace

Hail Mary, Black Madonna, Mother of the Cosmic Christ

Hail Mary, Magdalene of Love

Bring all our fragmented parts back to us as we rejoice in the Holy Triple Mother

Second Decant

Hail Mary, Mother of the Immaculate Infant 

Hold me, heal my inner child

Transmute my birth, all pain and denial

I am reborn with innocence

Third Decant

Hail Mary, Black Madonna

Holy Womb of black luminous light

Take from me all sorrow and suffering

Let your healing and love flow into my physical body and heal beloved Earth from all burdens of the hubris of humanity

Fourth Decant

Black Madonna, Mother of the Night

Blessed art thou, Womb of Holy Fire

Blessed art thou, Mary Magdalene

Lady of the Resurrection

Bearer of Secret Knowledge

Hail Mary Magdalene of Love

Open my heart

Through thy path of fire


Let the three-fold blessing of the Divine Mary,

Mary, Mother of Grace, 

Mary, Black Madonna

Mary the Magdalene

Thrive in your abundant and devoted heart

And so Be It!

This rosary and many other prayers are available on www.patreon.com/walkingwithmary

in bhakty

Hettienne Ma

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