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Monday, December 19, 2022

Updates on Walking with Mary and the Hearth of Mary

 Mysteries of Mary and Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot decks are on sale. 
I only have a limited amount of decks available and shipping will take place 
January 2023.

The decks have arrived and these are pictures of this new printing.  It has taken 18 months
to find a printing company that was willing to co-ordinate various requirements and the
results are good. 

Since Covid19 South Africa's economy is crippled and the national postal services have collapsed,
I tried shipping out stickers to my patrons on Patreon and only a handful arrived in Europe and very few in the US.  There is no international tracking available and lost parcels simply just disappear.
The only option I have is to send decks with DHL Courier Express and it is very
expensive.  The only highlight is that if you live in the US and UK you do not pay custom duties as I ship these as printed matter.  Shipping prices start at $70 and some are even higher, but I have put up a flat shipping rate and I am subsidizing the extra.

Buyers will receive an email from my website when the parcel is handed in with DHL and you will receive another email from DHL with tracking details.
Delivery worldwide takes between 4 and 10 days depending on the world zone.

My many blogs (links in the sidebar) have all migrated together to an online Patreon
community at http://www.patreon.com/walkingwithmary
I share on-going themes of the journey with Mary, both spiritual, astrology and tarot.
I focus on various monthly and yearly themes and tiers start at $2 per month.
The highest tiers give you entrance into the Order of the Dove with initiations into
the spiritual path as Flamekeepers.

I also share the creative and spiritual journey and undertaking of creating the Mysteries of the Red Madonna, and Her Beloved tarot deck.

In 2023 I am travelling with 7 Flamekeepers to the cities of Haridwar and Varanasi on a shaktypat retreat.  I still have one space available


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