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Friday, January 27, 2023

Mysteries decks are shipping


I have started to ship the pre-orders for the Mysteries of Mary and the Black Madonna decks.

Some orders are delayed by a week or two by delays in the supply chain.  We
are dealing with heavy load shedding in South Africa and everything is taking longer, but all orders are being shipped.
When your parcel is handed in with the couriers, you receive a mail with all details, from my online store. 

I am waiting on another small batch of both decks and these will be put on sale as soon as they arrive,  You can subscribe to this blog for updates or to my Patreon as patrons are notified first

I work with a small boutique printing company, with a green footprint and every step of the way is done by hand.  All parts of the deck set is handcrafted and it will not be perfect but small irregularities do exist.  It is a unique work of art.  I do not have access to the big deck printing presses in the rest of the world.

The Mysteries decks in Marian Library of Dayton University
I once again have very exciting news to share with you. Both the Mysteries of Mary and the Mysteries of the Black Madonna have been acquired by the Marian library of Dayton University in the US. The Marian library is one of the biggest academic resources on Virgin Mary. Both the decks will be displayed in an art exhibition curated by Dayton University at the end of February. The librarians have promised to send photographs of the exhibition which I will share with you.


Imaging Pilgrimage
AND the book Imaging Pilgrimage by Dr Kathryn Barush, academic, pilgrim and Marian devotee, is now available in paperback at $26. Which is amazing as the hardcover sold for $180. Its published by Bloomsbury Publishing. I shared details previously of the beautiful book in which the entire chapter 2 is dedicated to my work and the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck. It also contains colour photographs of some of my earlier work.

Mysteries of the Red Madonna
As the Red Madonna deck is unfolding I am getting excited to share it with you. It will be completed by September this year.
When I travel to Haridwar with a small group of Flamekeepers on pilgrimage in September, I will buy sarees from
which I will make the deck pouches. I will take the material down to the Ganga to be blessed before bringing it back with me. I will also bring back malas to be included with the deck. This will probably only be for a limited number of decks, patrons will get first choice.
Most of the altars are covered in pieces or trim of saree cloth



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