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Friday, April 9, 2021

Giveaway on Patreon for the Month of May

Mary Magdalene giveaway

We enter the month of April through the Holy Week, Easter, Lent and those in the Northern Hemisphere, the celebrations of Ostara.

We are initiated into the mysteries of the Holy Gardener, the gestation of the seed in the tomb and womb of the Black Holy Mother by the Three Holy Marys. After three days and three nights in darkness,  we are initiated into the mystery of resurrection and regeneration.

And on the eve of these Great Mysteries, we are a witness to the anointing of the Holy One by the priestess and Holy Bride, Mary Magdalene.

For this month’s giveaway I am gifting two of these Mary Magdalene statues; each with a Mary Magdalene holy card

a miniature skull

and an extra card for your altar

and for one of these I am including the amulet set of the Priestess and the sacrificial Son.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are entering the descent of the sun into longer nights and shorter days; either way, spring or autumn, all of creation is aware of the cycles that cannot be controlled by us.

The amulet set includes the goddess moon, the sun, the chalice, rose, crown of thorns, the star, a small apothecary bottle for the sacred oil and the pouring pitcher

Anyone across all tiers can enter and I will change the game every month : this month patrons will be the judges. I will share your submissions here, anonymously, so that no-one is influenced and I will ask you to vote for your favourite entry.

If you want to enter, please send a few lines, or art, or doodle, or musings, or collage, or poetry about the meaning that this theme of sacrifice, death, loss and resurrection has for you. You can send it via email to me personally on Patreon.  The cut off date is 25 April 2021



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