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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Monthly Mary Reliquary Treasures Giveaway

The Temple of Mary on www.patreon.com

 Exciting news! I have been planning these treasuries for a year but with the pandemic shipping parcels to you have been impossible. But now the time has arrived to give away a monthly treasure from the Mary Repository. The definition of ‘repository’ is

a place where or receptacle in which things are or may be stored.
as well as
a place where something, especially a natural resource, is found in significant quantities.
I have many sacred altars that I have been creating, holy cards, sacred oils and incense and other devotive items that I have prepared to send out to you. My wish is that they enhance your bhakty and add to your spiritual practise and your most secret vision for your life ♥️
Each month I will put together three treasure boxes - one for each section of tiers of The Temple of Mary. The new treasury boxes and sets will be revealed during the first week of the new month.
Names of the patrons on The Temple of Mary will be put into 3 different jars. In order to qualify for the month’s draw, you have to be a patron for at least 3 months. I will update the jars each month with the new names of qualifying patrons.
And I ask of you in return that, when you win a box, that you share it on social media and that you tag me. If you are not on social media, then do not worry about it.
Each month I will share the content of each box and parcel and it will be wrapped with special care and little extras; the way that I usually do.

The repository treasure for all Order of the Dove tiers is a small Black Madonna travel shrine


A small tin with a miniature statue of the Madonna Santissima l’Incoronata from Foggia in Italy. I brought her back with me and she was touched to the statue of the Black Madonna of Foggia and blessed with the holy oil that is still available at the sanctuary.


It includes Black Madonna of Tindari holy cards, a Tindari amulet with image of the Black Madonna, rosary, frankincense and Mary stickers

For the Inner Sanctum of the Black Madonna and the Virtual Pilgrimage tiers ($15) the Black Madonna reliquary box

A gold silk hand made tarot pouch, a small Black Madonna statue, a clay copy of the sacred chemise of Mary from Chartres, a set of blessing seeds with one sacred chemise blessing seed, rosary, frankincense, Mary stickers and holy cards

All tiers of $10 per month and lower
Our Lady and the Dove
A beautiful piece of chambray linen with print of an old Mary holy card from my collection, a rosary, Mary stickers, a miniature dove, a clay amulet of the sacred chemise of Mary from Chartres and a dove feather from the doves that live in my Mary garden. You can read my many posts about the many messages and guidance that these doves have imparted to me over the years. The last few weeks they have been leaving so many feathers for me, and every day a dove has been in our house; some fly in, others walk in and sit for hours in my studio with me. Through the years this has always guided me through huge changes and healing.

plus two cards from the Mysteries of Mary deck for your altar : the two Black Madonnas of Chartres
I will announce this month’s winners on the feast day of the Annunciation

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