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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Sacred Marriage

The Sacred Marriage - Living with the Tension of the Opposites

First moonflower to open in the Mary Garden
and it did so during the Full Moon this November '12

Duality implies that there is always a perception of two.  As long
as there are two, a polarity exists.
The mind believes it cannot stand both, so it always chooses
'a corner', one of the two.  

Your wholeness lies in seeing both sides of the polarity.

When you are caught up in an uncomfortable position,
or you are stuck in a painful behaviour pattern, ask yourself
'what is the opposite of this?'  'what is the other side
of this polarity that I am not seeing?'

This world is one of duality.  It is polarised
into negative and positive poles and like a
pendulum, it swings,  What comes around, goes around.
What goes up will come down again.
The poles spin and so positive behaviour will turn into
negative behaviour and vice versa.
We are attracted to the positive and repulsed by the negative.
With the result that the negative gets suppressed and denied
and pushed down into the subconscious.
As long as the negative or positive is suppressed, it will attract
and repulse, hidden from your consciousness.

The transformative work is to bring the unconscious into the conscious.
to become aware of patterns, addictions, stories, belief systems,
and undesired feelings.

The work is to remember that you are infinite consciousness,
capable of being with everything as it is.

The work is to release you from your limiting personality
structure which is keeping you locked into a straightjacket
of shoulds and shouldn'ts.

The work is also to let go of the idea of a separate self that exists outside
the will of God or the Divine True Self.

'I am whole, complete and unlimited'

As you look at any given situation from both the positive and both
the negative;  when you look at both sides of the polarity
and when you live with the tension of the opposites,
that tension becomes a suspension bridge
which carries you over the valley of death.

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