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Thursday, November 29, 2012

shadow and light

The opposites of shadow and light
Our initiation into new clear seeing and knowing is not complete until we have mastered
or until we have been mastered by the sacred marriage of the opposites of the shadows and the light.
Achieving this is not obvious and simple as we are confronted everywhere
with the polar opposites of joy and sadness, poverty and abundance, rage and peace and
the space between these polar opposites seem to widen every day as one gazes
into the world of mankind.

Here I am, living in a world where children are conditioned from an early age that Chicken Little
actually wants his throat slit for you to have him for dinner;
where the bottom line is always profit and profitability and therefore
it is sanctioned to treat farm animals without kindness or mercy
and it is acceptable to torture animals in order to put a new kind
of hair shampoo on the market, and the list goes on and on.

And on the other hand, I experience bliss (ananda) whilst sitting in my garden,
listening to the birds in the tree above me;  bliss as in all-consuming,
rapture that makes every nerve and every cell and my soul scream
with the ecstasy of the gods;  this world and its shadows
disappear as I become a humming, vibrating pillar of living
bliss and everything is light and only light.
and not just light, but that which is Go-od, beyond words,
beyond intellect, Go-od.

And then I return and I am back in this world
seeing beggars at every robot;
listening to other's emotional and mental pain;
and I cannot find the words
and I lack the fire to create art that may explain
that which I have come to know
as the Infinite Heart
which is the tabernacle of this world
of polar opposites of shadow and light.

And for those who are seeking the infinite within themselves
and this life,  evidence of the Shadow is obvious. 
They struggle with their own seeking for that fleeting moment
of peace and joy;
they are confronted with a mind that undermines their own efforts
and yet, and yet
 each time they return to that deep center, each fleeting moment that they 
glimpse the possible joy and freedom, the potential for bliss,
each time that they taste the bliss during meditation.
they are convinced that it is there, within reach
the suffering and the pain.
Every time that I am pervaded and posssessed by ananda, by living ecstatic bliss,
I am overtaken by the knowing that I am linked to an
immaculate power which pervades my consciousness and carries
my body and soul and heart to levels of rapture that
can only be translated as divine ecstasy.
And thus I live in two worlds,
the one sacred and the other profane
and I move between the two
like a revolving door
And I understand that by abiding in this reality,
by my body and soul becoming ananda,
living in two worlds simultaneously,
I am a bridge between divine and human,
that which connects
that which unites
in other words,
a living sacred marriage.


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