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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pilgrimage to Lady of Ngome Part 1

Five years ago I visited the grotto and sanctuary of Lourdes
in the Alps of France.  My direct personal experience of the sacred Presence
of the Lady, irrevocably changed my understanding of life and set me on a new path.
I returned and felt compelled to devote all my work and actions to Her.
I created a sacred Mary Garden   Under Her guidance I founded
the Temple of Mary and She imparted the two year initiation program to me.
I felt called to create shrines in the ancient sacred altar tradition and this led
me to creating the Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck.

Since then I have made four more pilgrimages to the grotto of Lourdes.
Last year I  did not travel to Lourdes and towards the end of the year
I had more and more dreams of Our Lady of Lourdes.  I felt a deep
calling to commune with Her in Her sacred place where She manifested.
But I could not see how I would be able to visit Lourdes till much later
the following year.  Still the dreams persisted and became more sensory.

Years ago I had heard about the apparitions of Our Lady of Ngome.  
I did add it to my bucket list and then it sorted moved to the background
of life.  At the time of the dreams I started doing research on Ngome
only to discover that it is called the Lourdes of Africa! 

Ngome is an ancient sacred site where seven streams meet to form a 
spring of which the water has healing properties. Mary as Lady of Ngome
had appeared ten times to a local Benedictine nun and the image of the Lady
 of Ngome, Tabernacle of the Most High, cured many miraculously.
The apparitions were kept secret for years after the death of Sr Reinolde -
but I will share the full story in my next post.

Our Lady of Lourdes shrine at Marianhill, Durban

Once I had read up on Ngome I decided that I am being called
to visit Our Lady of Ngome and immerse myself in Her sacred waters
and energy.  Three of us decided to go on a pilgrimage to Ngome in 
the new year.  We did not have any specific dates in mind and decided
to buy the best airfare tickets available which happened to be
9 to 14 February.  Only when I made the booking for the guesthouse
near Ngome did I realise the incredible synchronicity : we had planned
to spend the Saturday in Ngome.  As it turned out it was
Saturday 11 February, the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes!!

We took a local flight to Durban, spend the day and two nights, then drove five
hours to Ngome - a story on its own as we dodged cows, goats
and potholes.  As part of our pilgrimage we visited the Lady of Lourdes
shrines at Marianhill Monastery near Durban.  The monastery is
outside Durban in the green rolling hills of Natal.

As we climbed the steps toward the shrine we were enveloped
in the most intense fragrance of thick sweet honey.  At first we did
not really pay attention as we were in the tropical and lush
Natal gardens and we had seen many tropical flowering trees
everywhere.  After a few minutes, as the pungent fragrance
persisted, unmoving, unlike the fragrance of flowers carried
on the wind, we all came to a standstill and exclaimed
'what is that smell?'.  We all had previously been to Lourdes
and Lisieux (the shrine of St Terese) where we had experienced
the incredible honey-rose fragrance.  However, there we were
surrounded by roses and a rose garden, although we all did agree
that we had never smelled roses with such a potent fragrance!

We lit some candles and spent some time at the shrine and as we
descended the stairs, we could not resist the temptation to look for 
the source of the fragrance.  There were no flowers nearby, only
creepers and ferns and trees. We walked up and down and the
fragrance did not move, nor become any fainter.

We realised that we were once again immersed in the
honeyed fragrance of Our Lady of Lourdes.

This is a very real phenomenon found at places where the Lady
has either appeared or where She is revered.  It also appears
during healing sessions with the healing energy and Presence
of Our Lady or during times of deep meditation and bliss.

with love and blessings

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Miller's Daughter

The Miller's Daugher
V Holy Rood - Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

We are shipping!  Fifty parcels are being shipped since last week
- you can expect your package to arrive soon!

A few fairytales are included in the Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck.  Some of them were chosen as they relate to a specific archetype in both the tarot and the stories of Mary.

The fairy tale of the Handless Maiden was chosen because Mary
appears in an Eastern European folktale version of the story. 
In some versions an angel or a being of light appears to help the 
Handless Maiden, but in this particular folktale, Mary herself appears
to help the maiden.

The story of the Handless Maiden and her powerful symbology is told over
three cards in the deck.  The V of Holy Rood (traditionally Wands) is the first
one.  This card is titled The Miller's Daughter and we are introduced to
the young maiden, her father, the devil and very importantly, the apple tree.

The Miller's daughter is standing next to the apple tree with a loaf of bread
(food produced by the miller) on her shoulder.  She, as well as the significant apple
tree represents feminine values and attributes.    Feminine qualities and attributes
live in both male and female.  The story of speaks of the 'miller' and not the maiden's father.
This demonstrates that great importance is given to his occupation in the world, 
rather than his role as father.
From the start we see the focus and emphasis on masculine goals and values.
In our culture the masculine values and attributes are greatly admired and promoted.
The emphasis on the miller, his greed for money, his disregard for both the apple tree
and his daughter, reflects and highlights the imbalance which exists and
the lack of reverence for the less visible feminine principles.

The apple blossom is a symbol of fertility and sensuality.
In Celtic lore the apple tree is the Tree of Love.

At the top of the shrine are two hands.  These will take
you to the next part of the story which is further developed
in VII of Holy Rood,, where the Handless Maiden enters the forest.

Traditionally this card means conflict and in this deck it refers to inner conflict.
The really important questions in life you have to find the answers to
yourself. Do not rely on the opinion of others.  Do not rely
on 'the done thing' or the accepted way of doing.
In other words, do not make a pact with the devil for your most
precious feminine feeling  and earthy nature.
Dig deep and feel the discomfort of the inner conflict
and may you find peace.

This is an extract from the discussion of this card in companion book
to the Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck


Monday, May 16, 2016

The Light Shall Return

The Light Shall Return

Mother of Consolation
help me to let myself be consoled.
I hold it all together, Blessed One.
I have convinced myself that it is up to me
to keep the airplane aloft with my own breath,
that I am the only one capable
of baking bread and scrubbing floors,
that it is my responsibility alone
to alleviate the sorrow
in the heart of every single person I know.
But I have forgotten how to weep, Tender One.
Teach me to reach out to the ones I comfort 
and ask for their comfort
Let me feel the tender touch of the Holy One
on my cheek when I wake in the night,
weary and frightened
Help me to be vulnerable and soft now,
broken open and free

                      - Mirabai Starr

Mary's Gold

We are midway in Thirty Days with Mary and
here in the Southern Hemisphere the light rises
later and later, leaving us in the dark for longer every day.

As the light rises, we are simultaneously drawn to turn within
and without and a subtle tension gently opens the heart,
day after day.

Mary's Halo

Can you bear the opening of the heart?

Can you stand the creaking of the bones as the
ribcage opens?

Can you be with the Light that pours from the
inner darkness?

Can you be with It All?


Hettienne Ma

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thirty Days with Mary Surya Yoga

Mary, the Sun

Surya Yoga or Sun Yoga, also kown as Sun Gazing, is a powerful
healing and enlightening practice of devotion and worship.
Sun gazing leads to healing of mind and body.

Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov wrote :'Surya yoga includes them all :
adoration, wisdom, power as well as purity, activity
and dedication, light and the sacred fire of divine love.
By the practice of Surya yoga you establish a link between yourself
and the power that governs and gives life to the whole
Universe: the sun.'
By 'sun' Omraam is referring to the spiritual sun
which the physical sun is but a reflection.

Sun gazing is still practised as a daily rituall called
Surya Namaskar by Hindus
and it used to be a daily practice of many peoples
throughout the world.

It is important to be barefoot whilst sun gazing and to
have the feet firmly on the ground or grass.
After the thirty days practice you may continue
to do the sun gazing or and then you can extend it into
the more advanced meditation techniques of employing
a rosary or thumb movements on the palms of the hands.
More about this later.

In the beginning it is best to keep it as simple as possible
and to stay open and  receptive to the spiritual sun's, which is 'behind;
our physical sun, energies.

The sun yogi Hira Ratan Manek taught the world everything
that he discovered about sun yoga and he also created a cd
and dvd which is available to purchse on line.
It is best to follow his instructions.

When you start to do sun gazing, do not combine it with
meditiation, prayer or any other spiritual techniques.
The best times to do sun gazing is for the first hour before sunset
and the first hour after sunrise.  The energies differ during these times.
Omraam claimed that prana is most intense twenty minutes before
and twenty minutes after sunrise.  Sunset is also a time
that is charged with energy and is conducive to meditation.
This has to do with the angle of the sun's rays impinging on the
earth's magnetic field at sunrise and sunset, charging the magnetic
field and affecting the magnetite in your pineal gland.

You merely gaze into the sun whilst sitting or standing barefoot,
with feet touching the earth.  You can use a UV meter to measure
the UV - it is best to do sungazing when the UV is very low.
You can also time your sungazing with a digital timer - it is best
to start off with twenty minutes per day.
Drink a glass of water before and after sun gazing because sun gazing
can be very cleansing and the water helps remove toxins.
If you wear glasses, remove them. It is okay to leave contact lenses in.
Gaze at the sun in a relaxed manner; dont strain.  It's okay to blink the eyes.
If your eyes tear, dont rub them.  Sessions start at ten-second lengths, increase by ten seconds
a day.  If you find that too difficult at first, then gaze only five seconds
and increase by five.  If cloudy, then sun gaze but dont increase the time.
When cold, gaze indoors through a window or glass door.
It is important in the time of sun gazing to be passive and receptive
and to allow the sun to heal your mind.
Just be.

When you reach fifteen minutes a day you can sun gaze with
your arms outstretched to the sun, hands spread out
and facing the sun.
As you breathe in deeply, visualise healing rays of light coming
from the sun and entering your left palm and travelling to
areas of your body that require healing or
Visualise the light going to your heart.  Mentally affirm
that the light is healing or strengthening you on a cellular level.
Then as you breathe out, visualise the light returning to the sun
through your right hand.  Express love and gratitude
for your healing.  Establish a continuous flow of energy.
If arms get tired, lower them with elbows at sides and hands still
facing out.

Dont aspire or push or results will be delayed.
Be as a little child and just enjoy the beauty of the sun
without expectations or demands only with
love and gratitude.

If you wish to continue with this practise after the
thirty days, you can read up about the practise
in the works of yogi Hira Ratan Manek as well as
in the book The Splendour of Tiphareth by
Omraam Mikael Aivanhov for more information
on the power, the mudras and the advanced spiritual
practice of surya yoga.

- Extracted from a blog post by Wayne Purdin, with gratitude

Thirty Days with Mary - Week 2

Mary as the Tree of Life

During the first seven days of Thirty Days with Mary, we focused on the imagery of Mary as the Tree, the grove of trees or the Tree of Life. 

During the Thirty Days with Mary we immerse ourselves in the spiritual practise and discipline of meditation, chanting, visualisation and sun gazing. All these practises are designed to help clear the mind, sooth the nervous sytem and create new neural pathways in the brain. As spiritual initiates our subtle senses are awakened through spiritual practise and we become aware of our etheric body and very importantly, we become more and more aware of consciousness. 

 The brain has neural pathways which developed through the span of your life.  Your brain was shaped and formed by those around you, your parents, your caretakers, your society and culture.  And of course certain experiences, both positive and negative, shaped your brain and created patterns.  Patterns which to a large extent, create your belief systems and mental constructs and according to which you live your life.  Becoming a spiritual initiate means that you have decided to become open to inspiration and new ways of seeing and sensing life and letting go of fearful belief systems.  

The etheric body carries the nadi, or spiritual veins and then very importantly the ida and pingala energies and the kundalini which flows through the shushumna. 

During the first seven days we focused on the image of Mary as the Tree.  There are many myths which include the story of the Tree and many which appertain to Mary specifically.

When we hold the image of the Divine or a deity or any object or idea in our mind's eye, we are entraining the brain to the energy of that image.  An image is more than just an idea or a picture.  An image is filled with consciousness and also specifically with the consciousness of the deity or divine archetype.  We have come to understand that there are forces which act which in ourselves, our religion, our culture and our family, which is beyond our personal control.  At times they act in accordance with our conscious desire, but at other times we are subject to ill health and difficult experiences which seem to indicate that we heartily participated in events which brought us to the painful place.  Or we seem to live the same cycle of victimhood over and over.  

The more we clear our minds of our repetitive conscious thinking through meditation and visualisation, the easier it is for inspiration to reach us.  Inspiration means inspired thinking which implies that we receive thoughts and ideas from the place of spirit, beyond our own limited mind.

Mary The Cosmic Tree of Life

For the next three weeks we will enter into a deep relationship with Mary the Great Mother, through our daily practise and especially through our contemplation.

If possible, do one of your daily meditations outside or near a window where you have a view of the outside world and especially a tree.  You can take a daily meditative walk in a field or forest near you.

We start the day at dawn, your time.  We do sun gazing - you can find the full post and instructions here :
This is followed by chanting the AUM for ten to fifteen minutes and then our daily prayer.
You may use the prayers from last year's Thirty Days with Mary - the link is here :

Then we enter into contemplation and meditation and we focus on the imagery of the tree, the holy rood, the forest and the sacred grove of trees and what these images and symbols are trying to tell us.

If you have any questions or anything you would like to discuss or share, you can email me
at hettiennema@gmail.com.

Blessings on your thirty days

Hettienne BhaktyMaria Ma

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Thirty days with Mary - annual May devotion

Rose of the World - shrine at Temple of Mary

Since the ancient times, the month of May always
had a special significance for the celebration of the divine feminine
and the goddess.
In the Northern hemisphere May is the month of spring, so the Romans and Greeks
dedicated this month to Flora
and Artemis.

In the Southern Hemisphere it is Autumn and we
prepare for the transition of the winter months and to
deeper travels into the inner worlds.

Traditionally the month of May celebrates
the crowning of Mary and for the next thirty days
The Temple of Mary, Flamekeepers and
Initiates of the Order of the Dove
will celebrate the crowning of Mary in
devotion and celebration.
During these thirty days we will immerse
ourselves in daily ritual and meditation
and thus deepen our personal connection
with Her

We will be devoting the entire Month of May
to Blessed Mother Mary and her gifts of
peace, healing and enlightenment.
During these thirty days we celebrate, question, contemplate
and listen with awareness as we spend time in devotion
to the Blessed Mary and our own stories.

This is the second annual Thirty Days with Mary.
You can find the 2015 posts and daily
instructions on this blog by searching ‘thirtydays’
or by clicking on the page tab
Thirty Days with Mary - annual May devotion.
I will be posting the prayers and rituals for
2016 here as from today.  In the circular
and catholic nature of the feminine, you are
invited to weave and stitch together your
thirty days in a combination of the previous
thirty days' devotion and this year's thirty days of May.

You are invited to join in wherever you are,
at your own timezone,
by following these posts and instructions.

Today you can start
by creating an altar dedicated
specifically to these thirty days
of immersing yourself in the arms
and healing embrace of
Blessed Mary.
 So take the time, create
an altar and weave a crown of flowers for your Mary statue.
 Remember that your devotion and attention
invoke the holy Presence into the physical image and you can
 place water, oil and food on
your altar to be blessed by her presence.

"Who is she that rises forth like the dawn,
fair as the moon,
pure and bright as the sun,
and as terrible as a many-bannered army?"
- Song of Songs 6:10

On Day Two you can start by rising for dawn
say the prayer and chant AUM.

The first seven days are dedicated to
Mary, the Tree of Life.
For these seven days, starting tomorrow,
we start the morning with Lauds
or Morning Prayer at dawn your time
followed by saying a rosary or japa mala
and chanting the AMEN or Aum.
Aum is a name of God.

In the Egyptian tradition Amen was considered
a divinity.  It was the word that allows anything
to be realized.
There is a parallel between the Aum of India,
the Amon and Aton of the Egyptians and
the Amen of the Essenes and the Christians.
The sound AU, pronounced as EU, means eye
or the Being, the Supreme Godhead.
Pronounce EU in your head and whilst exhaling
and sounding the M, the primordial ocean which is Mary.
The M is also the Tree of Life which is Mary and
the N is the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The divine used to be understood and worshiped
as both male and female :  a hieros gamos
between Creator and Beloved.
These sacred roles were also not limited
to rigid masculine and feminine, but
rather  more like the yin and yang
the one contained in the other;
inseparable and indivisible.

Asherah the beloved of Yahweh
became a holy rod, a holy tree and
a pillar.  She became a sacred grove
of trees where Her devotees worshipped
both the natural and cosmic
nature of Goddess.
She both gave birth to this world
and became this world.
As the holy rod she brought order
to the chaos.  As the sacred tree
she became the matter of this world,
the seed that contains all life and which
gives food and shelter.

As we contemplate the rays of the sun
we contemplate the unique nature of
each creature;  we contemplate that all are
born from one Godhead, one Source.
We contemplate that each one indispensable
to the whole and that it is our sacred duty
to become fully what we truly are.
In order to become your truest self you have
to work at dissolving the ego structures which
keep you locked into valueing and judging
your every action and feeling.
When the central organising principle of the ego
has broken up, you become free to act
freely, from Love, and not from conditioning
and fear.

Start and end the day with the following prayer :

On this day, O Beautiful Mother
On this day we give thee our love.
Near thee, Madonna, fondly we hover,
Trusting thy gentle care to prove.
On this day we ask to share
Dearest Mother, thy sweet care.
Aid us ere our feet astray
Wander from thy guiding way.
On this day, O Beautiful Mother
On this day we give thee our love.
Near thee, Madonna, fondly we hover,
Trusting thy gentle care to prove.
In the name of the Father,
and of the Mother, and of the Son,
and of the Daughter and of the Holy Spirit.

As we walk these thirty days in
contemplation and celebration we allow
Divine Wisdom to show us where to become
more of our True Selves and together we will open up our spirit
to the healing Grace of the Virgin.

I invite you to spread the word, the inspiration and the Love.


Hettienne BhaktyMaria Ma

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Receive the Cosmic Heart Diksha and Blessing from Mother Mary

You are invited to join me in a distant Cosmic Heart transmission
on Sunday morning 10 April 2016 at
6 am and 6 pm South African time.

The Cosmic Heart Diksha or Blessing will be transmitted
to all those who sit in meditation at the set time
and who, by intent, join in the energetic circle
with myself and Flamekeepers of The Temple of Mary.

The energetic space has already been created through
many meditations and silent focus and contemplation.
You can join in and receive the energies directly
from the Blessed Mother and allow the healing
energies to transform and revitalise you -
and miracles have been known to happen, more times
than what the mind can grasp.

The Cosmic Heart meditation and diksha (energy transmission)
flows through me, from Mother Mary to each and every one when you
set the intent to enter the sacred circle and to receive.
It has the power to release any trauma, be it physical, mental,
emotional or spiritual.  The energies flow directly to the
physical heart and the heart chakra, and specifically to the
Higher Heart which is in the centre of the chest and the seat
of the Christ within .

The Cosmic Heart Diksha brings  many emotional openings 
to the receiver and a heightened emotional state is experienced for a while. 
 As part of this opening up, the receiver feels everything 
more intensely, the numbed down layers are 
activated and opened up and this may feel chaotic 
and like emotional turmoil.  
But in truth, this is a very deep and profound healing as we are meant to feel.  

Should deep emotions and tears well up,
do not attach to these, nor project them on to circumstances
or events in your life.
Allow the emotions to move through you;
they are the living waters of life and continuous
movement and replenishment keeps your inner world
well and alit.

We have been conditioned in becoming emotionally numb 
and this leads to a deep state of isolation, loneliness 
and desperate feelings of being 
separate from your Source and Divine Self. 
You need to feel in order to heal.  
Being in touch with the Divine Feminine and the Feminine Christ 
means that you are aware of the mortality 
of this physical life; that you have empathy with others, tolerance and deep compassion.  
The Cosmic Heart Diksha will enable you to 
find true acceptance for your own personal self
 and its archetypal journey into the Self.

The Cosmic Heart Diksha can release emotional pain,
 release anger and resentment and purify the energy system.  
It brings deep healing to the physical heart 
and the physical body as a whole.  
It has powerful grounding energies and bring you into your core and into your connection with Mother Earth and your own Spirit.

The Temple of Mary have over time received the Silent Heart Diksha,
the Sacred Heart diksha and now the Cosmic Heart Diksha.
These blessings are received to be passed on to others for
healing and transformation.


Sit comfortably and quieten your mind.  
Visualise the image of Mother Mary in your mind's eye. 
You may want to create a small altar with her image,  
incence and fresh flowers. 
All of these are there to help focus and still the mind and senses.
They are merely tools to give us structure and they
are not the connection with the divine energy.
The divine energy is within you.
You are directly connect to your Creator and to the Source
of all Life, and to Mother-Father God.
You are already within Blessed Mary and She is within you.

Focus your awareness on  your spinal column
and visualise the Light moving from the bottom
of the spine, slowly, disk by disk, to the crown of your head.
See the energy flowing down over the head, down the forehead
and settling in the centre of your chest.
See how this light glows and grows until you are surrounded
by the blue light of Mother Mary.
Her blue light forms a magnnificent cloak of blue light around  you.

Say a short prayer.  You can keep it simple.

Here is an example :

Hail Mary, Blessed Mother of All
I enter your sacred hearth and suspend my mind
and all disbelief
I open my heart to receive your Blessings
Please flow the Cosmic Heart Blessing to me
now and transform my entire being
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Ave Maria

For the next twenty minutes focus your attention
on the silent spaces within and on your breath
Allow all movement run its course
Allow the mind to settle where it will

Once you have received the Cosmic Heart Blessing
you can sit at any time and connect with Mother Mary
directly and receive these energies.


Hettienne Ma