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Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Mysteries of Mary tarot deck out of print

 The Mysteries of Mary tarot deck is now out of print. 

I am working on a second edition with a few changes to the original deck.  The deck will be republished later this year with the details of the frames of the cards changed, but still keeping the essence of the original deck.  I may open it up for pre-orders once everything has been finalised and the printing has started.  If you would like to know when the deck will be ready, you can subscribe to this blog or join the Temple of Mary community on www.patreon.com/templeofmary.  I will also share updates on my Instagram feed @walkingwithmary.The pre-orders will be available in the online shop at www.hergracesacredart.com

'the light of our sister Mary's lamp fills the world and will not be extinguished until the end of days, so that those who have decided to be saved will receive assistance from her.  And if they receive the image of light, (fire), they will receive her rest and her blessing' - the Book of Mary's Repose

The creation of the Mysteries of Mary deck is the result of a truly mystical journey with Mary.

My journey with Mary started 25 years ago when I noticed the Woman with the Blue Flame, dressed in a calico type garment with an unusual headdress, appearing at my side during meditations.  My belief system did not include the possibility of the appearance of Mother Mary and definitely not appearing to me.  I could accept the angelic presence that walked with me, but not the divine mother.  I was known in our local community as the 'angel lady' and I spoke publicly at events and on radio shows to an audience that included religious people and other skeptics, about the presence of angelic beings in our lives.  Thus my journey started under the guidance of Archangel Michael and he led me to recognize that it was Mary that appeared to me and guided me. (I share this journey in more detail on my Patreon)

Mother of the great Cherub of Light from the Book of Mary's Repose makes the relationship between Mary and Michael very clear.  The ancient traditions of Mary's Dormition and Assumption is shared in the Book of Mary's Repose and it had a great following.  This is the oldest known writings of Mary's Dormition and this tradition is known as the Palm traditions.  Here in this card of the Queen of Distaff in the Mysteries of Mary deck, she is seen carrying a palm leaf under the book of wisdom held by her.  The Great Angel appeared to Mary and handed her this unknown book.  The Great Angel refuses to give her his name but when she ascends the Mount of Olives she recognizes him as her son Jesus.   The earliest dormition traditions followed the narrative known as the  Angel Christology.  This Christ Angel is believed to have been absorbed into the icon of Archangel Michael after the fourth century.

Mary addresses him as 'the Great Cherub of Light who resided in my womb'.  The author Stephen J Shoemaker writes that he has found an amulet referred to that speaks of 'The Great Cherub of Fire'

Mary, Mother of the Great Cherub of Light and the dormition tradition is discussed in the Mysteries of Mary tarot guide book.



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