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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Temple of Mary on Patreon 2022 - giveaway of sacred altar


The Temple of Mary on Patreon is a vibrant community of Marian devotees, tarot lovers and pilgrims who are actively engaged in the process of creating and working with the Mysteries of Mary.

There are many tiers ranging from $2 a month to $22.

I focus on the Marian Mysteries through the tarot decks of the Mysteries of Mary, the Mysteries of the Black Madonna and the current wip Mysteries of the Red Madonna.

I also bring together astro-religion with the Marian Mysteries and the journey of Venus, Goddess of Heaven and Earth.  

Venus as Inanna-Ishtar on her journey as Morning Star and Evening Star

from the Mysteries of the Black Madonna deck

On 11 January 2022, on my birthday I will give away a sacred altar to a current patron of one of the Order of the Dove tiers.  I am still to pick which altar will be gifted and I will ship it with DHL Courier Express to anywhere in the world.  The name of the patron will be picked by a name generator and all names of Order of the Dove patrons will be entered.

The Order of the Dove tiers are currently closed for the intake of new initiates but I will open it up to a few on 1 February 2022 in time for the Walking with Mary Novena (more on that in the next post)

The Order of the Dove 
in the Mariamic tradition of alchemy,  prophecy and vision
This tier includes all other tiers as well as the Grimoire of Mary, the Black Madonna, and now the Mysteries of the Red Madonna and Her Beloved tarot deck;  the project and process.

'I Am Thy Handmaiden'  This fiat of Mary is our consent to the divine plan.  Our acceptance and consent creates a new world of grace and it is our divine purpose to birth such love and grace.  - extract from The Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck . 

The Order of the Dove is a spiritual path designed for self-crafting and self-initiation into participating as a Flamekeeper of the Temple of Mary.  
The Order of the Dove is a powerful and potent spiritual path based on Marian Shaktypat.  It is a path designed for serious initiates and its focus is kundalini awakening.  I share the Immaculate Practises of the Sacred Heart of Mary, meditations, mantra and diksha, in the tradition the Mysteries of Mary and the Alchemical Black Madonna.  The Order of the Dove is the home of the Hearthkeepers of the Hearth of Mary.  I founded the Temple of Mary in 2010 in South Africa.  Locally I offered in-person retreats, initiations and shaktypat.  After the completion of the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck I felt called to offer the non-religious spiritual path of Mary to a wider audience. Patreon makes that possible. In this tier you will be guided into self-initiations and crafting your own path.  I am no longer acting as a guru; I am merely sharing my personal path crafted from  my own kundalini awakening 30 years ago and based on 25 years of training and living as a healer and visionary with you. 

Shakty is carried through the vibration of voice, the energy of the eyes and prana pratishta; all of which I share in everything that I offer on Patreon.  In 2022 there is a much deeper focus on the alchemy of tantra.  Tantra means 'the marriage of opposites' as in spirit and body and it is the oldest living tradition.  Its teachings are done directly, through systematic meditations and practises and mantra and it is so much more than the popular teachings of tantra with its focus on sexual practises.


Hettienne Bhaktyma

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