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Monday, May 17, 2021

Update on the Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot deck

An update on the progress on the Mysteries of the Black Madonna deck.

The Mysteries of the Black Madonna decks are with the printers; I did receive the first batch of cards but I was unhappy with the quality and the decks were returned.

 I am hoping to start shipping by 20 May 2021. If you ordered the Mysteries of the Black Madonna deck without shipping costs, please buy your shipping. There is a separate listing on the website. I managed to get a special rate from DHL for bulk shipping and all decks will be sent with DHL Courier Express. International mail is still extremely erratic and delayed and parcels take months to arrive from Africa to Europe and US. Please add your telephone number to your personal details on your account page on the website. I am in the process of sending out emails to all buyers, but it will speed up the process if you can complete your purchase and add your telephone number.

Patrons from the Temple of Mary on Patreon (www.patreon.com/templeofmary) always get first option.

I only print in small batches as every single deck and parcel is consecrated and carefully prepared for shipping. Each item is handmade by myself : the beautiful tarot pouches are sewn by hand, the small statues I print on a 3D printer and paint by hand; our paper is eco friendly and hand stamped, etc etc. When the deck arrives with you, you will feel the sacred and healing energy that it carries.



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