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Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot deck


I am so excited to share with you some of the artwork of the

Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot deck.

The deck will be launched for pre-orders on my website

Her Grace Sacred Art

on 12 December 2020 for patrons of my Patreon with special discounts and other offers.  These will be shared with all patrons in posts on Patreon closer to the time.  I am still waiting on pricing, delivery dates and other details.

On 19 December 2020 I will open the purchasing of the deck to everyone else.

I will also make clear the expected delivery dates and shipping methods. At this stage I am planning for delivery in February or March via DHL Express Couriers. You can read more below.

I will be offering a gilded version as well and it will be accompanied by a handmade pouch and other small details and extras.  

I share regularly on Instagram and Facebook

You will find me on Instagram @bhaktymayi_ma and @walkingwithmary

I know many of you have been following along on social media and are as excited as I am to start working with this deck.  When I created the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck I never anticipated that there would be such a demand and love for the deck.  I really created the deck for myself and for my own use as there was no deck available that included esoteric Christianity and its ancient roots.  As an artist I also wanted to capture the mystical metaphor of these stories in a visual artwork.

Shipping challenges

Just before the global lockdown earlier this year I shipped a large number of decks worldwide and many of them were caught up in the chaos that followed.  It has taken days of following up, answering enquiries from buyers and trying to track parcels and then South Africa shut its borders and closed all businesses for five months!  The parcels that were eventually shipped once our borders opened, are taking weeks and months to arrive and tracking is turned on and off as other countries are going back into lockdown.  

Limited numbers of decks to be printed

I will print a limited number of decks of the Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot in January 2021 when the printing industry return to work after the annual Christmas break (which is three weeks).  

Shipping with DHL Express Courier

And I will not ship international airmail unless shipping conditions have completely improved at the time of shipping.  I have negotiated a lesser rate from DHL Couriers and have been using them with great success.  Delivery by DHL takes place, with the parcel being delivered into your hands, within a week and they also have a no-contact delivery option. 

Walking with the Holy Black Mother

I have been creating this deck full-time for the past four years.  Some of the sites holy to the Black Mother, I visited as a pilgrim over the past 25 years and I reflected my relationship with their Essence in poetry and paintings.  My understanding and relationship with Black Mary deepened and intensified and the past three years I was presented with deep soul work in my personal life which can only be attributed to her incisive and transformation action in my inner world and reflected in life around me.  I lived through deep and tragic loss of loved ones and other potent changes. My research into her stories, myths, miracles and history opened my eyes and removed many veils of ignorance and assumption about the true nature and meaning of the Black Madonna. 

The backs of  the cards

 I do not regard myself as an academic expert on the Black Madonnas nor their historical background, but I do know her intimately.  At 17, during a deep crisis in my life, I had a life altering  kundalini awakening and for many years I struggled with deep grief and depression and chronic illness and my spiritual path led me to a great healing of the soul.  Working so intimately with the Black Mother of us all, I stared into the face of the abyss again, and I was dragged through the flames of the inferno.  This deck carries that energy and it is presented as a path of initiation to embodiment of Lady Wisdom and the other aspects of the black mother. 

The Hearth of Mary on Patreon

 Eighteen months ago I started a Walking with Mary community on Patreon and it expanded into the Order of the Dove, a path of self-initiation in the shaktypat tradition of the Mother.  From the start it was an agreement from my side to my loyal patrons that they will have first access to purchase the deck and that they will get special discounts.  Without the support of my patrons I would not have been able to complete this deck in this time.  They provided an income for myself and my assistant, to continue with the creative process and being able to spend enough time away from the world in order to integrate the path and its many twists and turns.

More decks to be printed

I will follow up with the printing of bigger numbers of decks but I may have to stagger the shipping dates as it is too difficult to currently ship such big numbers out.  South Africa is still in level 1 lockdown and the local DHL agent is a small office with one dedicated staff member.  I understand that buyers become frustrated and impatient when promised something and it takes much longer than expected. 



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