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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Mysteries of the Black Madonna Tarot Deck


I have been working on the Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot deck

for the past four years - well actually the past 20 years without realising it.

The deck is now nearing completion and all 78 sacred altars have been completed.

As with the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck, a substantial guidebook will be printed.

Pre-orders are set to open at the end of October and shipping will start in

2021 - date to be announced.  I will print a limited number of decks

only and patrons on my Patreon account will get early access to orders.

I will also issue discount coupons to patreons based on the length of time that

they have been supporting my on-going work.

Without the support of my patrons I would not have been able to complete this

deck and book.

I have been creating small travel altars with miniature Black Madonna statues

that I brought back from pilgrimages - obviously there are only a limited number

of these and they will be offered for sale with early access to my patrons.

The first 50 decks will be accompanied by a miniature Black Madonna statue.

Exciting news!

I will be adding a new tier on the French Madonna community on Patreon

where you will receive a miniature statue of Mary, Mary Magdalene, the Black Madonna,

Mater Dolorosa and others every month.  These statues are limited editions and the same designs will

not be repeated.

I will post an update soon on this new tier.

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blessings to you


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