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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Mysteries of Mary tarot deck SHIPPING UPDATE SEPTEMBER

Mysteries of Mary tarot deck, book, statue, rosary,
blessing seeds and tarot pouch

Final Shipping Update
2 September 2020

Thank you for your patience.  I am now shipping all decks and
outstanding items to avoid the Christmas mail which will compound
The good news is that my parcels shipped before lockdown
have all arrived safely and tracking is active on parcels
that has been shipped since lockdown has eased.
I am doing my best to have all orders shipped by
15 September 2020 and anything ordered after
that will only be shipped in January 2021.

We are still in stage 2 of lockdown which means fewer
shop assistants and long queues, and we are in the middle
of a fierce winter so please know that if things are taking
longer than usual I am doing my best to get your order to you 
as soon as I can.

Shipping update 7 August 2020

I am reluctant to ship the parcels as international shipping is still erratic
and unreliable.  South Africa is still in level 3 of the pandemic lockdown
which means that limited members of the post office and postal services
are working.  This as well as the complete lockdown of international borders
and all mail for 5 months have caused a huge backlog at the mail sorting centre.
Some of the decks that I shiipped just before lockdown has still
not arrived at their destination.

We are faced with three options :

- I ship your parcel now and we take the risk of it being delayed for an indeterminate time
- I keep your parcel till the situation has improved
- I have approached DHL and with the shipping that you have already paid, plus
a contribution from myself, I can send your parcel by courier for an extra

Please note that I can only send the tarot deck, book and pouch by DHL Express Courier.
I need an exporting permit to send the accessories so those will follow later by
international mail.

If you would like to make use of the DHL courier, please send me a mail.

You can contact me on hgsacredart@gmail.com


Handmade blessing seeds

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