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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Walking with Mary September QnA

I am sharing some of the personal tools and ritual which I garnered
through my experiences and spiritual practices over the years.

I have found these practises and blessings to be of great value in my own journey  and believe that they may be of value to you as well.
I am not teaching a specific practise complete in itself with precise lists of what you have to do, but rather I will share with you some of the key practises and prayers which you can adapt to suit your own expression
and consciousnesness.
Some aspects may seem particularly vague, but that is done on purpose
as it will enable you to fill the gaps with your own inner understanding and to stretch yourself into ever-deepening
 layers of connection with self and the Divine.

May these practises and energy transferences (diksha) lead you deeper into the well of wisdom.

Energy Clearing

I will share some inspiration on how to create your sacred space in advance before you start with the meditations. 
It is also important to clear your space before you start with the consecration
of your altar and shawl, etc and before you receive the first mantra for the blessing (diksha) and meditations.

There are various ways of clearing your space : these are just a few that I like to use : burning sage or mpepho (a local indigenous plant in South Africa); 
burning aromatherapy oils;  holy water; sacred waters and salt.

My favourite way of cleansing is the following :

A whole lemon placed in the room and one on the altar.  I leave the lemons in place for weeks (until it has naturally dried out).  
When the lemon starts to rot it has absorbed negative
energy and you have to put it into the compost or garden and replace it with another fresh lemon.

Lemons are powerful energy clearing fruit and one of the oldest holy fruits that we know.  The lemon also aborbs the sacred energies 
of the activated altar and space and you 
can eat it as prasadh (blessed food) after your sacrament.

Secondly I use salt.  
I place a bowl of salt on my altar and this is replaced with clean salt regularly.
It is also a good practise to sprinkle a bit of salt 
in the corners of the room and to sweep
them out regularly. 
 You may be familiar with bathing in water with 
a few tablespoons of Epsom salts
added to it.  I also add slices of lemon to my bath water 
or to my shower, especially
after I had done personal clearing or healing work on others.

In preparation of my sacred space and before any meditation or healing work, I burn frankincense
and myrhh granules (on lit charcoal)
 or a good quality vegan incense.
I clear the entire room with the smoke of the frankincense.

I also clear my space by sprinkling blessed water on everything.

Music is also a powerful energetic cleanser.  We all have different vibrations
and resonate with different frequencies.  I have my favourite music which includes
classical music by Mozart and Beethoven, chants by Krishna Das and my
absolute favourite are the chants of Lourdes.  You can find these online :
Les 20 plus beaux chants pour la messe
Lourdes : 150 Ans de chants

Blessing of the Altar

Placing sacred items and images on your altar, sanctifies and blesses everything
that is within the energy field of those items. 
 If you work with a pendulum you can
prove this fact to yourself.  You can test the frequency and vibration of a space
without a sacred image.  
Then place the image or holy water or rosary which had
been used for prayers, back into the space and test the space again.
You may be amazed at the increase in vibration. 
 Our cells consists mainly of water
and prana and these vibrate in resonance with its surroundings. 

Essential oils

I will share with you the secret recipes for meditation blends
during the weeks to come.

We will use lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, rose oil and if can afford to,
sandalwood oil.  Frankincense oil also has a very high vibration but is very expensive.

Candles and colours over the four weeks

You can keep the same candle for the four weeks or you can
change the colour and/or image of the candle that you work with..

Feel free to change the colour of your altar cloth and flowers too.

We will do a draw, layout and reading from the 
 Mysteries of Mary tarot deck
for each week, but you can use any deck that you choose to.

The themes for the four weeks are :

Week 1 - Saturday 7 September to Friday 13 September 2019

The Nativity of Mary 
- the inner child -
The Suit of Vessels

Week 2 Saturday 14 September to Friday 20 September
Mary as Mother
- the tree of life -
The Suit of Holy Rood

Week 3 Saturday 21 September to Friday 27 September
Mary as Sophia, Our Lady of Wisdom, Shekinah
- high priestess -
The Suit of Distaff

Week 4 Saturday 28 September to Friday 4 October
Mary as the sacred rose garden
- Cosmic Mary -
The Suit of Roses

I will share posts during each week with support, 
discussions and other tools such
as creating soulcollage cards, keeping a journal, dream work and so on.
You can share and connect with the Walking with Mary community
on Instagram #walkingwithmary #thirtydayswithmary 
We are also on www.patreon.com/thefrenchmadonna
and I share on FB on the Mysteries of Mary tarot page


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