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Monday, May 16, 2016

The Light Shall Return

The Light Shall Return

Mother of Consolation
help me to let myself be consoled.
I hold it all together, Blessed One.
I have convinced myself that it is up to me
to keep the airplane aloft with my own breath,
that I am the only one capable
of baking bread and scrubbing floors,
that it is my responsibility alone
to alleviate the sorrow
in the heart of every single person I know.
But I have forgotten how to weep, Tender One.
Teach me to reach out to the ones I comfort 
and ask for their comfort
Let me feel the tender touch of the Holy One
on my cheek when I wake in the night,
weary and frightened
Help me to be vulnerable and soft now,
broken open and free

                      - Mirabai Starr

Mary's Gold

We are midway in Thirty Days with Mary and
here in the Southern Hemisphere the light rises
later and later, leaving us in the dark for longer every day.

As the light rises, we are simultaneously drawn to turn within
and without and a subtle tension gently opens the heart,
day after day.

Mary's Halo

Can you bear the opening of the heart?

Can you stand the creaking of the bones as the
ribcage opens?

Can you be with the Light that pours from the
inner darkness?

Can you be with It All?


Hettienne Ma

1 comment:

  1. This is beautiful - thank you for the reminder to allow myself to be consolded and remember I don't need to hold it all together - its held by the Mother and I only have to fall into her embrace and crawl into her lap to allow myself to be consoled x