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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Receive the Cosmic Heart Diksha and Blessing from Mother Mary

You are invited to join me in a distant Cosmic Heart transmission
on Sunday morning 10 April 2016 at
6 am and 6 pm South African time.

The Cosmic Heart Diksha or Blessing will be transmitted
to all those who sit in meditation at the set time
and who, by intent, join in the energetic circle
with myself and Flamekeepers of The Temple of Mary.

The energetic space has already been created through
many meditations and silent focus and contemplation.
You can join in and receive the energies directly
from the Blessed Mother and allow the healing
energies to transform and revitalise you -
and miracles have been known to happen, more times
than what the mind can grasp.

The Cosmic Heart meditation and diksha (energy transmission)
flows through me, from Mother Mary to each and every one when you
set the intent to enter the sacred circle and to receive.
It has the power to release any trauma, be it physical, mental,
emotional or spiritual.  The energies flow directly to the
physical heart and the heart chakra, and specifically to the
Higher Heart which is in the centre of the chest and the seat
of the Christ within .

The Cosmic Heart Diksha brings  many emotional openings 
to the receiver and a heightened emotional state is experienced for a while. 
 As part of this opening up, the receiver feels everything 
more intensely, the numbed down layers are 
activated and opened up and this may feel chaotic 
and like emotional turmoil.  
But in truth, this is a very deep and profound healing as we are meant to feel.  

Should deep emotions and tears well up,
do not attach to these, nor project them on to circumstances
or events in your life.
Allow the emotions to move through you;
they are the living waters of life and continuous
movement and replenishment keeps your inner world
well and alit.

We have been conditioned in becoming emotionally numb 
and this leads to a deep state of isolation, loneliness 
and desperate feelings of being 
separate from your Source and Divine Self. 
You need to feel in order to heal.  
Being in touch with the Divine Feminine and the Feminine Christ 
means that you are aware of the mortality 
of this physical life; that you have empathy with others, tolerance and deep compassion.  
The Cosmic Heart Diksha will enable you to 
find true acceptance for your own personal self
 and its archetypal journey into the Self.

The Cosmic Heart Diksha can release emotional pain,
 release anger and resentment and purify the energy system.  
It brings deep healing to the physical heart 
and the physical body as a whole.  
It has powerful grounding energies and bring you into your core and into your connection with Mother Earth and your own Spirit.

The Temple of Mary have over time received the Silent Heart Diksha,
the Sacred Heart diksha and now the Cosmic Heart Diksha.
These blessings are received to be passed on to others for
healing and transformation.


Sit comfortably and quieten your mind.  
Visualise the image of Mother Mary in your mind's eye. 
You may want to create a small altar with her image,  
incence and fresh flowers. 
All of these are there to help focus and still the mind and senses.
They are merely tools to give us structure and they
are not the connection with the divine energy.
The divine energy is within you.
You are directly connect to your Creator and to the Source
of all Life, and to Mother-Father God.
You are already within Blessed Mary and She is within you.

Focus your awareness on  your spinal column
and visualise the Light moving from the bottom
of the spine, slowly, disk by disk, to the crown of your head.
See the energy flowing down over the head, down the forehead
and settling in the centre of your chest.
See how this light glows and grows until you are surrounded
by the blue light of Mother Mary.
Her blue light forms a magnnificent cloak of blue light around  you.

Say a short prayer.  You can keep it simple.

Here is an example :

Hail Mary, Blessed Mother of All
I enter your sacred hearth and suspend my mind
and all disbelief
I open my heart to receive your Blessings
Please flow the Cosmic Heart Blessing to me
now and transform my entire being
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Ave Maria

For the next twenty minutes focus your attention
on the silent spaces within and on your breath
Allow all movement run its course
Allow the mind to settle where it will

Once you have received the Cosmic Heart Blessing
you can sit at any time and connect with Mother Mary
directly and receive these energies.


Hettienne Ma

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