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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Now you can join the online community of the Sacred Order of Our Lady of the Dove

The  Sacred Order of Our Lady of the Dove

The Temple of the Dove
from the Sacred Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

The altered holy self is the altar of life. 
A sacred healing path to wholeness, beauty and Love. 
Vignettes of the Sacred in the Ordinary; 
each moment alit with the sacrament of our ordinary lives 
on the sacred Altar of Life -  Her Grace Sacred Art

Do you feel called by Our Lady, the Blessed Mary?

Would you like to join the Order of Our Lady of the Dove?

The Order of Our Lady of the Dove is the online
community of initiates of The Temple of Mary.

The young Mary was one of seven priestesses in the Temple of the Dove.
Here she spent her time weaving and preparing herself for
her lifelong dedication to birthing and mothering 
Divine Love into this world.

And as a Priestess of the Temple of the Dove, she proclaimed
her fiat and declared herself Handmaid to the Divine.

Blessed Mary are known by many ancient goddess titles.
She is loved and revered by Pagans, Christians and Muslims.
She is the connecting thread between the Jewish myths and traditions,
the Pagan myths and traditions and the Christian myths and traditions.

'Mary is the one who has the deepest knowledge of the
mystery of God's mercy'

The Order of Our Lady of the Dove is an on-line community,
and part of The Temple of Mary, a physical temple and hearth
in South Africa.   The hearth and fire of the Temple of Mary
is tended by myself, the VisionKeeper and active Flamekeepers.
From time to time I offer retreats, online courses, meditations
and I have published The Mysteries of Mary tarot deck and guidebook
which contains all the myths, stories and metaphysical interpretations
of the Mysteries.  You can read extracts on my blog
at http://www.hergracesacredart.com.

I am currently working on The Black Madonna tarot deck and book
and you can find updates on the above blog.

Sacred altar making and pilgrimage to sacred sites on the Earth
are two of my spiritual practises.  You can follow me on
Cloister of the Heart at http://pathofdivinelove.blogspot.com for
the stories of my pilgrimages.

You can follow me on Instagram for daily updates and inspiration or on

A new mythos is being born in our consciousness as an evolving humanity :  the mythos of the Return of the Cosmic Christ in both masculine and feminine embodiment and the sacred marriage into Union or Oneness.

One of the goals of The Order of Our Lady of the Dove, as part of the Temple of Mary, 
is to assist us to give form to this arising mythos and to act as midwife to those who are birthing the new consciousness.  The Temple of Mary presents a spiritual vision and like all true spiritual visions, it does not present a path, a system or an ideology.

It is also the purpose of this space to hold the Vision of the Shekinah (the Cosmic Mother) and the new understanding and potential of the Sacred Marriage for our reality.

To understand the journey, one has to experience what the poet John Keats describes as ‘capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason’ or as Marion Woodman calls it, ‘living with the tension of the opposites’ or ‘hanging on the cross’.

The path of divine love is the path that we walk and live in both
the Order of Our Lady of the Dove and The Temple of Mary.
As creative beings, we braid with three magical strands at all times.
These three strands could be seen as mind, body and spirit.
Or the hieros gamos, the sacred marriage between mother,
father and child of divine love; and so on.
Every thought that we think, every action that we take,
creates a warp and a weave in the great tapestry of life.
You can imagine holding a needle and thread in your hand,
and imagine how every ordinary act, works the sacred tapestry
which eventually will be your sacred work of life and which forms
a part of the whole Creation.

You can now consecrate your life and every action
to Our Lady of the Dove by joining the online community of artists,
musicians, poets and all creative beings.

“The term initiate refers to one who has decided to live upward in consciousness… Generally speaking, the crossing of the threshold from mundane to sacred life is marked by a ritual of initiation.  In the ancient practices a candidate would be initiated by a Priest or Priestess, and this Priest or Priestess would have the power to confer upon that individual the relative power of the lineage to which they belong.  The true essence of initiation means to mark a threshold, the crossing from mundane life into sacred life.” – The Magdalen Manuscript

Cross over the threshold and become an initiate.

Both the Order of Our Lady of the Dove and The Temple of Mary
are merely ways in which to focus one's vision.
It is not a religion and not an organisation.
It is a Vision of co-creating with the Christ Within
and Mary, Our Lady of the Dove,
is an embodiment of the Christ as the Divine Feminine.
It is a Vision of co-creating with the masculine and the feminine,
both within and without.  A Vision of reclaiming the value
and beauty of womanly values such as mothering and nurturing
and feminine qualities such as cooperation, intuition,
receptivity, compassion and creativity.

What does this entail?

# Subscribe to The Temple of Mary blog at

# Join the Facebook group of The Temple of Mary
and share your journey with other initiates
of The Temple of Mary and the Order of Our Lady
of the Dove

#  Write to me Hettienne Bhakty Maria Ma at
hettiennema@gmail.com for an initiation mantra
Use this mantra for 9 days and follow the daily journal
instructions that will accompany your sacred mantra

# Create a permanent Mary altar in your home and
dedicate yourself to her wisdom and guidance.
Add to your altar through the seasons and holy days.

# Create a sacred ritual using roses,
incense and other sacred items and dedicate
at least 20 minutes of your day to meditation
and contemplation

# Commit to one or more of the meditational practises
as shared on The Temple of Mary blog

#  Commit to the annual Thirty Days Ritual and Meditation with
Divine Mary as shared on The Temple of Mary blog

#  Follow the Nine Day Art Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes
on the blog and participate in this novena in your own time
and space with your own journaling or art or other creative
Cloister of the Heart at http://pathofdivinelove.blogspot.com

#  Subscribe to the Sacred Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck
at www.hergracesacredart.com and learn about the 
forgotten, hidden and suppressed Mysteries of Mary

# Subscribe to the poetry blog
The Alchemical Marriage
at http://alchemicalmarriage.blogspot.com
and commit to writing a poem every day

#  Grab the Order of Our Lady of the Dove images
on this blog and add it to your blog.
Add the Initiate of Our Lady of the Dove image
to your blog or Facebook page.

# Enroll for online courses offered by The Temple of Mary

# Study to become a Flamekeeper in The Temple of Mary 

The secrets of the old mystery schools are no longer secret and the spiritual seeker today has a wide range of material and information available.  A path toward higher consciousness must entail discernment, focus, intelligent observation, a keen perception of the world, and the awakening of spiritual forces that make way for intuition and personal mastery. The embodiment of such principles constitutes a path that is well balanced and maintained – one that aspires to unleash the mystery of the higher mind, while simultaneously connected to the every day tasks and duties of the temporal world.

The focus now and in the future will be on embodying and merging with the emerging new consciousness of the Divine Feminine.

I look forward to welcoming you into the Order of Our Lady of the Dove


Hettienne Ma

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