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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Invitation to a Sacred Retreat in the Love Fire of the Blessed Mary

It takes courage to burn in the fire of Love

An invitation to the Flamekeepers of the The Temple of Mary

I invite you to join me in either one day or three days
of sacred retreat into the powerful energies of
the Love Fire of Maryam, Maria, Mary,
the ancient lineage of Divine Feminine, priestess,
prophetess, alchemist and visionary.

I will be at Temenos retreat centre in McGregor
Monday 15 June, Tuesday 16 June (which is a public
holiday) and Wednesday 17 June (two nights)
and I invite you to join me.

The time will be spent in silence, meditations,
small ceremonies at some of the shrines, darshan,
praying of the rosaries and the Hours of the Day
according to the practises of the Temple of Mary.

We will create a circle of intent held by the Flamekeepers of the Temple of Mary.

There will not be a program - it will unfold as guided.
There will be no formal teaching
This is a retreat by the community of The Temple of Mary
and to be spent in celebration as well as silence;
in contemplation as well as participation
and connecting with the Beloved Within.
The focus will be on turning within and receiving the new energies
that She is currently pouring out.

The invitation is also extended to anyone that you know that
would like to be a part of these holy energies
Temenos rates are R365 pp sharing a cottage per night
or R385 pp in a single cottage plus meals - you can have all meals
in restaurant or self-cater - the price of the restaurant is very reasonable.
I have booked a limited number of cottages - shared
and single - so please let me know either way

Please let me know as soon as you can as I would like to
confirm the number of beds.


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