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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Recovery of the Life of the Inner Child

Icon Holy Wisdom by BR Lentz
The above icon is of Holy Wisdom as a young boy.
Luke 18 :  But Jesus called the children to him and said "Let the little
children come to me and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of
God belong to such as these'

Have you noticed that many of the qualities
recommended by religion and spiritual and self-help gurus,
as well as creatives and artists,
 are those that we see embodied
by small, naturally happy, children?  Words such as innocence, wonder,
joy, curiousity, spontaneity, creativity, forgiveness, acceptance,
openness, honesty, sharing, the belief in miracles.
Have you witnessed the absolute ease with which a small child
lets go of feelings of injustice or betrayal?

Have you also noticed that many miraculous apparitions and
here I am thinking of the manifestations of Mother Mary,
appear only to children?  There are sometimes adults present, but
they do not see what the children see nor understand that a transparent
universe and reality is even possible.
Do you remember being told that your playmates are your 
imaginary friends or that you are imagining 'things'?

The journey that we call the 'spiritual journey' or the
journey of awakening is the journey back to the
authentic true self.  It is the journey to the original
whole child that you were at birth.

It is the face that you knew before you were born ..............

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I will still post the Swan Blessing part three here.

Namaste, Hettienne


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