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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The river of Light, which is kundalini

The river of Light, which is Kundalini

There are many different views and takes on the
kundalini energy.  In the West it is a strange and unknown
idea that there is a central source of spiritual energy
which feeds the soul and advances her development
without the help of psychology, mental exercises, visualization techniques,
and all kinds of therapy.

The Third Initiation of the Temple of Mary was put together in flow
and energy, to culminate in a kundalini activation and awakening.
A combination of the sacred sound chanting, the journey into the
subconscious with the role playing and the sacred drama
and then the very deep intense shaktypat on the last day;
all working together to
 prepare and open you up to receive the very high vibrations
that is available to you.

It is very important to activate and increase kundalini
whilst working with Divine Love and Bhakty.  This power
is infinite and has incredible power and potential and
can be manifested in unpleasant ways.

The spiritual energy of kundalini makes one more sensitive on many levels.
You become more aware of your own patterns and the play of others around you; you are confronted with your own games and habits and your comfort zone does not allow
the same level of denial as before.  This creates inner tension and pressure.
Then the energy of kundalini works in on the nervous system of the body and 
especially the brain. 

Typically of kundalini are the following :

Moments of deep joy and gratitude, almost to the point of feeling overwhelmed;

Sensation of floating and feeling blissed out and totally ungrounded;

Feeling exhausted and tired;

Feeling overwhelmed by life in general;

Feeling very stressed out, beyond the point of being able to bear it;

Skin sensitivity, eye sensitivity, an upset stomach and cramps in legs.

You may struggle to sleep or to fall asleep.

You may see lights or feel as though a lamp has been turned on in your brain.

The list goes on and on.

During this awakening, it is important to take care of yourself.
Get enough rest.  Go to bed early.
Switch off the chatter of the mind by surrendering.
Spend time sitting outside
Eat grounding food
Drink plenty of water
Take rescue remedy or valerian or one of the calming herbs
Chamomile tea is good
Magnesium powder is essential - Metabole.
Vit B5 (pantothenic acid) also helps.

Do not try to fast during this time nor to go on a healthy detoxing diet. Your
adrenals are already struggling because of kundalini activity – so feed your body
good vegetables and whatever else it craves within reason.

This is the time that you get to know parts of the real you.
You may uncover that you are much more sensitive than what you realized; you may find that you are much tougher than what you thought; when you pay attention to what your body now demands and how it reacts to certain situations, you can gather valuable information about yourself.  You will see how you use to override your true nature and force it into situations or out of situations that your mind thought was best and not what your Real Self wanted.  In this very important time of awakening, you can learn about your conditioning and adopt new behaviours and new belief systems.

Observe which meditations make you feel calmer and focus on those now.
Do not over-stimulate your nervous system by doing too many meditations, nor too
many chants in one day.  Take it easy.  Less is more.  
The nervous system and adrenals will burn out if you do not get enough sleep and
rest and if you continue to stimulate kundalini.  This is the time to trust that
the river of light is flowing and will continue to flow at its own pace.  If you stoke
the fire too much, it will once again burn out and die down.
It is okay not to meditate every day.  You may want to take turns with
japa mala, the sacred heart meditation, the rosary or the chants.
Pace yourself.

What does Love say in this regard?  Observe yourself and do not fall into the
trap of fear.
Trust and go with the flow.

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