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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Asherah, Lady of Wisdom, Queen of Heaven, Sophia, Shekinah and today known as Mary

Exactly one year ago I had a powerful vision which I
wrote about on the blog Shaman She-WhoKnows.
Today as I am putting together the manual and sacred drama
for the Third Initiation into the Mysteries of The Temple of Mary,
this vision forms the core of this initiation.

We have entered a powerful 'gate' in consciousness
of 'enlightenment', and this gate indeed started with and is
now returning full circle to the ancient image
of the Divine Feminine, known as Asherah.

This doorway or gate is also called the Lionsgate of awakening.
(See my previous post)

Asherah who is symbolised by The Tree of Life;
known as El Shaddai, which means God with Breasts;
who has Her origins in ancient Egypt
and who was eradicated from western religion
by King Josiah.
She was known as the Queen of Heaven;
Lady Wisdom and she was hidden
in the Kabbalah as the Shekinah
and in the Bible as Wisdom and Sophia.
She is the Throne (as in the great Isis)
and in the Litany of Loreto, her many titles
now belong to Mary.

I share the vision here with you but its full importance and relevance
will be revealed and experienced by you during the retreat
when we enter into sacred time and space through
sacred drama and journeying

Visions and dreams :  there are those that stand out with such luminosity and with a strong aura of having significant meaning.   I have written, journaled and painted some of my visions and some of my dreams.  Some of my dreams are only images and colours captured during the events of the day;  some are personal and archetypal and then there are those that I never forget.  These have layers upon layers of meaning.  Some of the meaning I immediately understand and the other layers are revealed with time.

Such a dreamvision I had over the past few nights.  One of the Tree of Life, the Goddess, the Lion and Serapis.

Let me share the background to the dream with you.

For the past few months I have been dreamvisioning the thirteen alchemical goddesses for the Wheel of the Year for Temple of Mary and the Sacred Feminine Conference we are hosting in October 2013, as well as the alchemical wheel of Shekinah and its initiations during the Temple of Mary retreats.  (You can read more about these on my other blogs and website.) And I have been working specifically with the goddess Asherah as matriarch of the Mary line, through Asherah, Astarte, Queen of Heaven and eventually Mary.

My son has been planning a very special tattoo for himself.  One that has great meaning for him.  It contains a lion and a tree.  A few nights ago I dreamt the image in a beautiful synthesis of the lion and tree of life :  the one merging into the other, like a sacred marriage.

A week ago I went through a very intense experience with the catalyst being a severe allergic reaction to Vit E oil - an allergy I did not know my body had.  I ended up in hospital with drugs being chased into my body as my body spiralled down in anaphylactic shock.   I left my body and witnessed the extreme distress and rapid lowering of my blood pressure and the panic when the epiphinidrine hit my heart.  For the next three days I was in and out of my body while being aware and conscious. I visited realities and dimensions that I cannot really capture verbally yet.  Whatever was revealed to me during this time, will now be distilled in my subconscious till my mind is ready to give birth to this immaculate conception.

Since I returned fully to my body a few days ago, the words 'vision' and 'dream' has taken on a new profound meaning.

The Vision :.

'We were all gathered in the courtyard.  The light had the luminosity of the Otherworld.  In the centre of the courtyard grew the Tree of Life, its trunk twisted and gnarled, housing an entire city of light.  The sound of the heavens played in its leaves.  I was below, at the base of the trunk, in my role as healer.  I blessed those that came up to me.  A man sat down in front of me, asking for healing.  As I placed my hands on him, I felt the healing power coursing through my body and flowing down my arms and hands.  I was familiar with this transference of healing energy and was unperturbed.  The next moment he jumped up, amazement on his face.  He shouted out "look at that beautiful being!!".  Before I turned around I was aware of the pillar of light behind me and as I turned around I said 'oh yes, that is Serapis.  I saw a beautiful light being in intense white light.

As I was looking at this pillar of light which my Self recognised as Serapis, the vision expanded.  A lion appeared from the branches of the Tree of Life,  facing the East and the rising Sun.  She growled and her mane shook and reverbated and the hair became one with the branches of the giant tree.  She roared into the sky, 'Osiris!!!!'

As I was watching the scene in awe, my lips formed the word FORTEZA and I continued chanting this word as I returned to consciousness.

(Here follows the research that I did then, but since then more had been revealed to me - this has now been included in the manual for the third initiation)

I then did some research and the very first page I open give me the following and more. (you may want to explore the pages at http://thequeenofheaven.wordpress.com Asherah Part III The Lion Lady)

Serapis Bey is Chohan of the Fourth Ray, the white ray.   Serapis can help people prepare to receive the Holy Spirit's gift of the working of miracles.  Serapis Bey works specifically with kundalini awakening and ascension and the ability of working miracles through the kundalini energy in the root chakra. He is often depicted with the caduceus staff.

And he was known as the god Osiris in ancient Egypt!!

Serapis was a Greco-Egyptian god in 3 BC whom many believe that the story of Jesus was based on and he was known as Serapis Christus.

.One of the very first Egyptian goddesses was Qadesh and she was known as the Lion Lady.  She was also known as Asherah, Astarte-Anat, the Canaanite goddess, spouse of the Canaanite bull god, El.

Asherah was depicted as both Lion and as the Tree of Life.  And her sacred symbol and object was the staff with two serpents!  The same staff that Serapis Bey carries and the modern-day symbol of healers.

Aherah Astarte Anat

And Forteza means fortitude and it is the name of the Tarot Card in the Mantegna tarot

known today as the Strength card in the Major Arcana

It would seem that the initiatiates into the Temple of Mary is being assured of Cosmic healing, protection and growth.

Hettienne Bhakty Ma

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