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Monday, March 25, 2013

Radical acceptance

I am writing to you from the incredible India. We are at the moment staying in Udaipur, a city of bloodshed and riches. If you are interested in the history or the most exquisite artwork and the spectacular palace we are staying in, read my posts on The Path of Divine Love.

India is a country that is steeped in religion as well as esoteric and occult spirituality and mysticism. It is also absolutely chaotic and seemingly random and has none of the concepts of western thinking. It reminds me of the mind's inner reality - impossible to make sense of anything and the sooner the mind realizes this, the sooner awakening can take place. Maybe it is exactly because of the nature of the Eastern mind and its created reality, that so many spiritual traditions developed here.

Sacred places and places of pilgrimage definitely is saturated with high energy and I find that here in India, the energy is much higher than anywhere else that I have been. Even as I stepped out into busy Bombay at one in the morning, my organic cells answered in bliss to the vibration. I hardly slept the first few nights as the energy is so powerful. It would seem that every inch of the earth here are glowing with Light. To my clear-seeing eyes I am at times suffused and awash once again with the tremendous Absolute - the Light in the poverty; the beauty in the dirt; the worship in the cows eating garbage; the holy in the shrines on every street corner; the paradoxes abound! These highlight the inability of the mind to ever grasp the Absolute Love which is us and the reality behind the veil!

The word Radical Acceptance came to me. Through radical acceptance one can step into the Illumined Mind - actually you don't have to do any stepping into as She will step into you. Like the lotus born from the muddy roots, the Illumined Mind is born from radical acceptance of the polarity. The Light of Maa rises in you as the glowing blossom pushes through the outer leaves - indeed the lingam rises up into the Light of the Sun, Surya and Vishnu the Cosmic Christ.

Yesterday we visited the main temple in Udaipur, the Jagdish Mandir, dedicated to Vishnu. We had a wonderful impromptu session of bhajans, drumming the tabla and dancing in the temple as a small circle of local women invited me to join them. Soon we attracted a crowd with the clapping and singing and the temple was full!! It was a beautiful experience of such love, acceptance and joy; the simplicity of it all struck me! And that is the core of what everyone is craving for and seeking! The only thing that stands between you and this intimacy is fear. The best way that I know to overcome fear is by applying that which you believe to be true.

Do you believe that Love is your true nature? Then start to live being loving. Love is an action. Love thy neighbour as thyself. Forgive seven times seven. Let go of self-centered selfish fears of loss of power. I can continue for pages and pages, but you have heard it all already.

Spirituality has become a commodity and that is also true here in India. Everywhere are ads for gurus and visiting healers. But that is not where you will find the Light of Love, of Prema. You can see it in all the many tiny shrines that is visited before work, during lunch time and after work. You will see it in the thank offerings to the gods' image, the water given to a thirsty cow, free meals every day at the many seva temples and so on. The homage that the disciples here show to their gurus in the ashram, is but a small gesture of their personal dedication to Spirit. Their daily adornment of their bodies with bangles, paste and perfume is a symbol of the adornment of the Soul.

This lifestyle is a daily symbol and metaphor for the sacred ordinary life!!

As above so below - that which you think you will create in the physical. That which you create in the physical, feeds and nurtures the soul.

Adorn your mind with forgiveness and practice radical acceptance - over and over. No sadhana will bring you peace and love other than meditation on the inner self, in the body, in the moment. The deeper you go into yourself, into the adorned soul clothed by the radiant bodies, the wider the intimacy.

It really is very simple. And you are born with everything that you need within yourself. Instead of trying to figure things out or trying to get more power in whatever form, go within in every moment; practice radical acceptance of every feeling, every thought, every action (without judgement) and see what arises

With blessings
Hettienne Bhakty Maji

Friday, March 15, 2013

This is not your life

As I work on the preparations for the Second Initiation into the Temple of Mary
and I connect with all those minds and Consciousness that will
be attending, both in person and in the invisible,
I am struck once again by how difficult it is to explain
the paradox of Truth to anyone.

On the one hand, you are told that you can have whatever you set your
mind to;  that you can awaken the Genius within and that
all your desires can be fulfilled;
on the other hand you are told that it is not your will
and it is by Divine Grace only.

Well, as always, this is the paradox and both the above statements are true.

When you accept that all is by Divine Grace only,
and you accept that this life is not yours to live as you see fit and as
pleases your ego,
but that it is all in the hands of the Divine Mother and Father,
our King and Queen in Heaven,
and that Her Will is truly your will,
then indeed,
you will live the blessed life that you are wishing for.

But then, you see, it is no longer the life that the ego wished for.
All that was so important to the ego and all that you
were conditioned into believing you need for self-fulfillment
and self-expression,
then falls away.

As you are married to the Beloved in the sacred bridal chamber
of your heart, you leave behind the ideas, the expectations,
the need for a lavish wedding celebration,
and you enter naked, without expectation,
without selfish drive and greed,
with one desire only,
and that is to become the Will of God Within.

As I muse on how to explain this to anyone, I allow my thoughts
to linger over my own life.  I did not choose Mary, Maria, Mother of God,
to be my Ishta Devata, my personal manifestation of God :
She chose me. 
And I had many opportunities to walk away;
many challenges where I had to confront every belief system,
every idea of what I thought I wanted for my own life.
But She gave me many many opportunities
where I could choose again and again.

As I work on the manual I contemplate how I would never have
thought that these are the teachings that I will convey to others;
that it is so foreign to whom I thought I was (years ago)
and where my life would take me or where I wanted to go.

how to explain this to another in order for him or her
to gain understanding and acceptance?

all the while I am standing in the kitchen, leaning over the
gasplate, cooking brunch
as I cut the mushrooms, and add the potatoes to the pan,
I am suddenly
in another world; in another light;
a past life;
I am still 'me', the same Essence,the same Wisdom,
 but I am in a different body
with thoughts in her head.
As I look down I am dressed in a dress of the fifteenth century it seems,
with a rough linen apron overdress - both in very dowdy colours.
I have a very ample bosom and a round body
I am Irish and in Ireland
I am the cook in a nunnery.
I stand over a huge fire, smells of potatoes wafting up
Every day I say the rosary with the nuns
I chant the mantra while I cook
and deep in my heart I have an incredible understanding
and a Divine Light of the truth hidden in the Rosary -
one which I cannot share with the nuns as this could mean my death.
And silently, I wish to one day, be able to share this wisdom with
the world.

In a flash I am back here, at Sancta Maria,
with a smile on my lips.

Indeed, this life is not mine to be lived for myself. 
It belongs to Wisdom, to the River of the Infinite.

I started yesterday on a profound project with the Rosary of the Rose Queen
some of which will be incorporated in the manual.

Maybe this will illuminate the paradox for you?

In Bhakty
Hettienne BhaktyMaJi

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What can you expect at the Second Initiation into the Mysteries of Maria?

Moonflower in garden at Sancta Maria
The Second Initiation will contain many practical tools and rites; mantra yoga, praying the IsisMariaSophia rosary; and working with the Four Elements in the self and the powerful practise of working with personal polarity.
Here follows an extract from the introduction to the underlying
principle of these powerful rituals and teachings, visible to higher spiritual
The Great Work is often defined as the process of becoming more than human.  It involves a concentrated and consciously directed effort to overcome imbalances, weaknesses and limitations while unfolding the inner potentials and opening to higher consciousness.  It is the turning to one’s personal growth and development, purification and consecration.  It involves the acquiring of self-knowledge, self-mastery;  a creation of the alchemical container in which the alchemical marriage will be consummated and the Christ within, be born through the work of Shekinah, MahaShakty.
ln the ancient traditions, there are references to the procedures involved in the process.  There are various threads of commonality.  They all involved a spiritual discipline aimed at altering, transforming and expanding human consciousness.    They involved a philosophy of life by which one could live according to that higher state of consciousness while within the physical world.
This great work is divided into three mysteries : the lesser, the greater and the supreme mysteries.
The lesser has to do with ethics, behaviour and our relationships with other people.  They involved the unfoldment and development of the personality.  The level of the Seeker.  The greater mysteries involve the development of our individuality, our own creatively distinct energies.  It involves moving from psychic sight to spiritual insight.
The supreme mysteries are the teachings around the spiritual essence of life and its true effects within the physical.  They involve understanding how everything is connected and works.  They involve learning to set things in motion for the benefit of all and not just for the immediate.  It is the aligning of one’s own energies with the more Universal rhythms and energies of life.
One of the Delphic Oracles states : Vocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit – Calling or no calling God will be present.  All of the lessons, the teachings and mysteries of life unfold within the natural course of our own existence.  We do not achieve higher consciousness and spirituality through artificially contrived situations, but through the applications of our realizations within the day-to-day life circumstances that we encounter.  Learning to look upon life from a universal rather than a personal perspective is what helps unfold the sleeping potential that lies within each of us.  As students of the Mysteries, it is our task to recognize these relationships and then to begin the process of creating new ones – ones that are more in line with the divine.
In the Second Initiation into the Mysteries of the Temple of Mary we will focus on Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ.

Christ exists in all things that are – Gregory of Nazianzus
This third nature of Christ (neither human nor divine, but cosmic) – has not noticeably attracted the explicit attention of the faithful or of theologians – Teilhard de Chardin
The Via Maria, the Temple of Mary way of imparting teachings and initiation is the way of Wild Gnosis or Crazy Wisdom which traditionally relies on the sacred relationship between Guru and Sisya, and the commitment as Flamekeeper to the Hearth and the Temple of Mary as spiritual community.  Transmission of teachings happen through diksha (spiritual energetic transference), through Shaktypat (the transference of kundalini energy by the Guru) and through the play of the Holy Shekinah in satsang, weekend retreats in energetic powerful spaces, meditation, sacred art, sacred ritual and temple rites.
 The aim of the members of the Temple of Mary is direct spiritual and mystical experience of the Shekinah, the Cosmic Christ within, the Golden Self born from the Hieros Gamos which occurs through Divine Grace - our spiritual life and practise representing our cooperation with Grace, the action of the Divine Kundalini.
A Guru who embodies something of the Holy Shekinah, the Divine
Shakty (the Divine Presence and Power) can help to facilitate a movement of Divine Grace, as can exposure to the Shakty of temple rites. However, it is the spiritual life and practise which forms the ground for the alchemical marriage and Self-Realization.
True gnosis is a special quality of knowing – a knowing that has at its core personal transformation through personal experience.  It demands and requires an original experience – a source experience, as defined by Carl Jung.  It requires an awakening to the world of shadows and an awakening of the transcendent energies of the heart.  It requires the individual to learn to walk the road of shadows where secret knowledge of the soul exists.
The Gnostic teachings set about describing the practises and mysteries of attaining Gnosis.  The Gnostic teachings declare that the Divine Feminine is the hidden key to understanding the esoteric teachings of Christianity and Hinduism, as well as the Kaballah;  that the Divine Feminine is the key to experiencing the mysticism and power of the Divine on a more personal level.
In the Temple of Mary we work with the Love-Wisdom principle – we refer to the God of Love and the Goddess of Wisdom.  In the Kabbalah this principle is the Shekinah.  This great Love and Wisdom Principle is also known as the Cosmic Christ.  The Cosmic Christ is the great Love-Wisdom principle that manifests in the Sun Gods and the Love Goddesses, most popularly known as Jesus Christ or Yeshua in the Western Christian tradition.  The Cosmic Christ is also known as Sophia, Shekinah and Wisdom in the Gnostic traditions. Other manifestations of the Christ that are known to mystery schools are Vishnu, Krishna, Buddha, Osiris, Odin, Mohammed, Zoroaster, Adonis, Prometheus, Eros, Thor, Baal – many of these myths include the Virgin Birth by the Theotokos – the Mother of God, indeed the Mother that births God, that births all.
The Cosmic Christ is the divine Golden child born within us as a result of the Hieros Gamos, the alchemical marriage within.
In the Western tradition of Kabbalah, Gnosis, Theosophy and other derivatives of western thinking and religion, the Christ is seen as the masculine principle, the Logos, the Radiant Sun.
In the Bhakty tradition, it is Krishna Consciousness.
Western Tradition of the Christ Consciousness and the Cosmic Christ
In the esoteric and occult Western traditions, the inner Christ is wisdom itself, the Christ-Sophia is the Cosmic Christ;  She Who births the Christ within the individual Soul.  The Cosmic Christ is the overlighting principle of divinity which is embodied in the world soul (the anima mundi) and the Solar Logos (the Sun or Father Principle).  It is the impersonal cosmic force of ‘goodness’ or ‘compassion’ or ‘prema’.  It is beyond individuality and expresses Itself through a prepared, sanctified container of the human Soul.
The inner Christ, the Christed Self, the golden child has up till now been seen as the masculine principle, the male Sun child born from the union of the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  But now we know that the Christ is both masculine and feminine, Jesus and Mary, Radha and Krishna, Osiris and Isis, both mother to my son and lover to my father – these are metaphysical expressions to illustrate the inner consciousness;  to give it a symbol and an image in order to understand the inner processes of the soul and the mind.  The Self births falls in love with the Self, joins the Self in divine union and gives birth to the Self.
Among the Chinese, Christ is Fu-ji. Among the Mexicans, Christ is Quetzalcoatl, who was the Messiah and the transformer of the Toltecs. Among the Japanese he is Amida who has the power of opening the doors of Gokurak (Paradise). In the worship of Zoroaster, Christ is Ahura-Mazda. The German Edda cites Christos, the God of their theogony similar to Jesus of Nazareth, born on Christmas Day, December 25th, at midnight, just as the Christian, Nordic Odin, Wotan and Belen.
The gospel of Krishna in millenary India is similar to the Christian gospel. In the ancient Egypt of the pharaohs, Christ is Osiris, and every person who incarnated him was Osirified; Hermes Trismegistus is the Egyptian Christ, the incarnated Osiris.
Introduction to the Second Initiation of the Mysteries of the Temple of Mary

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Archer, are you missing the mark?

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. 
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far. 
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness; 
For even as he loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.
Quote from Kahlil Giban's The Prophet

Earlier this week I caught a snippet of a programme on the History channel
on television on the spiritual practise of Japanese archery.
I cannot remember the exact commentary, but the few words that jumped out at me and
stayed with me for days were :
'the goal is to sacrifice the personal desire to hit the target and to rather allow
for the spirit and body to harmonise'.
Not that profound I suppose, but ponder on these words.

It also brought to mind the definition of  'sin' to mean 'an archery term that means
to miss the mark'.

Now, if you put these two thoughts together, it does become profound.

In the game of leela, in this world, you have two players, the proverbial
angel and daimon, the ego and Spirit.  At times you feel opposed,
at other times you feel as though you have the champion in your corner, but how often
do you feel in harmony with your Spirit?
What do you measure this harmony by? 
Do you look at how 'successful' your life is?
Do you measure it by how often you meet your goal?
I suppose, the important question is,
what is your goal?
And what would you say is the 'sin' of missing the mark?  One can only
know the answer to this if your know what the mark is.

When we let go of our desire to be clever or successful
or to change the world, or to create beautiful things,
we may begin to be open to the sacred truth 
of our experience as it is, not how we want it to be.

For you, as a spiritual person, in search of direct immersion in your Self and
Spirit, the mark cannot be the hitting of the target set out for you
by your personal self!!

I went to read up a bit more on Japanese archery and it seems that the spiritual practise
is regarded as a secret.  I would think that is because people have the tendency to take things out
of context and the mind has the tendency to claim ownership of that
which he does not understand at all!!

Here are some extracts of what I found, and these few lines are all you need
for your application and understanding of the teachings of the Temple of Mary.
(I am not suggesting that you take up archery!)

Kyudo is practiced in many different schools, some of which descend from military shooting and others that descend from ceremonial or contemplative practice. Therefore, the emphasis is different. Some emphasize aesthetics and others efficiency. Contemplative schools teach the form as a meditation in action. In certain schools, to shoot correctly will result inevitably in hitting the desired target. For this a phrase seisha hicchū, "true shooting, certain hitting", is used.

According to the Nippon Kyudo Federation the supreme goal of kyudo is the state of shin-zen-bi, roughly "truth-goodness-beauty",which can be approximated as: when archers shoot correctly (i.e. truthfully) with virtuous spirit and attitude toward all persons and all things which relate to kyudo (i.e. with goodness), beautiful shooting is realized naturally.

Kyudo practice  includes the idea of moral and spiritual development. Today many archers practice kyudo as a sport, with marksmanship being paramount. However, the goal most devotees of kyudo seek is seisha seichū, "correct shooting is correct hitting". In kyudo the unique action of expansion (nobiai) that results in a natural release, is sought. When the technique of the shooting is correct the result is that the arrow hits the target. To give oneself completely to the shooting is the spiritual goal, achieved by perfection of both the spirit and shooting technique leading tomunen musō, "no thoughts, no illusions". 

Perhaps the best way to explain the spirit of kyudo is to put it in Onuma sensei's words: "When shooting, sometimes we will hit the target but miss the self. At other times we will miss the target but hit the self. Our purpose, though, is to hit the target as the self and hope that the sharp sound of arrow penetrating paper will awaken us from the so-called 'dream of life' and give us real insight into the ultimate state of being."

 Their belief is that matters of the spirit are not teachable and that it is a waste of time to devote any part of your study to anything other than technical proficiency. In one sense that view is correct. The development of the spirit is an ongoing, personal experience. A teacher may lead the way by his or her example but there is very little they can do to actually "teach" spirit. But as Onuma sensei also liked to say, "If one day you wish to have a large, beautiful pine tree as the center-piece of your garden you do not wait until you are old to plant the seed. The seed must be planted early and the tree nurtured over the years if it is to be truly grand at the end of your life." The same can be said of the development of the spirit.
We are often asked what makes kyudo so special; what does it offer the kyudo practitioner that they cannot find elsewhere. Without hesitation we always answer, "nothing." That is because kyudo is only one pathway among many as we travel through life. The three essential elements of kyudo, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, are by no means exclusive to the practice of kyudo. These qualities have been an integral part of every culture throughout history and are fundamental to the creation of our arts, philosophy, and religious activities. So why do most great kyudo masters impress upon their students the relationship between spiritual development and kyudo practice? Because it is an excellent vehicle for the study of the human character and condition, and it works well in concert with all of life's other spiritual paths. Everyone that watches an accomplished kyudo practitioner is struck by the simplicity of the act, and it is easy to imagine that the same thing goes through their mind as went through ours upon seeing kyudo for the first time: That there doesn't appear to be much going on. It's just a matter of memorizing a few simple moves and holding the bow steady. The target is not so far away. There is no extreme physical exertion. No screaming and jumping about. All said it appears simple enough to be learned in a few sessions. Our teacher even supported our thoughts when, at our first meeting, he said, "Kyudo is a simple art consisting of just eight basic movements which take no more than a few minutes to complete. The practice of kyudo requires only that you align your body with the target, stand straight, fill yourself with spirit, and shoot with a pure heart and meaningful purpose."
Simple enough, we thought. But, we were in for a shock. Both of us are quick learners with good powers of observation and the ability to correctly translate physical movement into being. Kyudo looked easy enough, but that view quickly changed when we first picked up a Japanese bow. Never mind about shooting with a pure heart and meaningful purpose, it was completely overwhelming to simply keep the arrow nocked to the bowstring. It was very frustrating to say the least. For a long period of time all of our training sessions were of a strictly technical nature, giving weight to the idea of teaching technique and ignoring the spiritual aspects of Kyudo. So why did Onuma sensei insist that spirit was equally, if not more, important than technique? Because there are many levels to the development of the spirit and the first goes hand in hand with the process of learning anything new: It is the recognition and, later, the development of one's personal character. It is human nature to experience frustration, anger, joy, pride, and embarrassment when learning. And while it is extremely difficult to eliminate those emotions it is possible to temper your responses to them. And that should be one of your first considerations as you begin your practice of kyudo.
In order to control your reactions to a situation you must first recognize your reactions to a situation. Sounds simple, but while emersed in the trials of learning the last thing on our mind is self-reflection. As a kyudo practitioner, however, you must make a conscious effort each time you shoot to mentally document not only the technical aspects of your shooting but your emotional response to the shooting as well. In time, a recognizable pattern of behavior will emerge. Kyudo is an art and, as with any art form, personal emotion is reflected in the content of the art. In kyudo, anger will make your shooting tight and uncontrolled, frustration will create unsettling nervous tension, and excessive pride will rob the shooting of its beauty and elegance. It is that knowledge, and the ability to use the knowledge to control emotional self-expression that separates a true master of kyudo from a person who is merely technically proficient. It is also why an aging master, though they may suffer from diminished physical and technical capability, can still inspire all who watch them with a shooting style that is far beyond that of a younger practitioner. And it is that knowledge and control that every new kyudo practitioner should seek out for themselves, even in the early stages of their study. It is the essence of kyudo, and a sure path to a deeper understanding of truth, goodness, and beauty.

So, what is the point I am trying to get across?

Firstly, as a spiritual seeker your goal is to be in harmony with Soul and Spirit, in other words
with Self and that requires sacrificing the ego and mind and its personal desires.

If you can imagine yourself as the archer, who sacrifices the need to hit the target
in order to harmonise himself with the bow and arrow
and with the flying of the arrow, regardless of hitting the target.......

At first, the student has to practise the skill of archery.  Mastering the technical skill
takes many many years and eventually the target is hit.
The target probably could have been hit right from the beginning, if the ego was
allowed to prevail.
But through the shift of focus, the desire of the personality was sacrificed.
The need to be successful was sacrificed.
The need to look good in the eyes of the world was sacrificed.
The habit of measuring your 'okayness' by the desired outcome of your
actions was sacrificed.
The need to achieve was sacrificed.
The need to be happy because the personal goal was achieved was sacrificed.
The need to receive attention and acclaim was sacrificed.
The need to feel good about the personal self was sacrificed.
The need to prove a point was sacrificed.
The need to validate yourself was sacrificed.
The need to feel good about yourself was sacrificed.
The need to feel satisfied was sacrificed.
The need to feel happy was sacrificed.

Maybe you have a few of your own that you can add here.

When your goal is truly at-one-ment, and direct mystical living and experience,
then the personal will and desire has to be sacrificed.

I invite you into a process of transformation.  As you apply
the daily practises, try not to set a particular goal for yourself,
other than showing up to what is offered and being open to the experience
of your sacred life.

The ego and mind uses rationalisation and justification in order to maintain
its existence.  It creates belief system in order to keep you tied to
it (the mind) and in order to maintain its existence.
If you truly want to have a direct mystical experience, you have to
be willing to let go of your deepest belief systems.  They disguise themselves
in such a way that you forget that they truly are not a part of your True Self.
You have come to accept their voices as the voice of your True Self, or as the Voice of God.
The Voice of God is not a voice.  It is a feeling that resonates in every cell of your being.
It is a feeling of lightness, expansion, joy, ease and bliss.
It is actually a place of no-thing within yourself and everything - an emptiness,
devoid of reason and will and drive and knowing.  It just IS.

Expectation can preclude the opportunity for discovery.
When we try to reach a goal, we become fixated on it and we miss the

Beginner's mind is the practise of coming to an experience wth an 
openness and a willingness to be transformed. 

It makes sense that if you want to become harmonised with Self which is no-thing,
you have to allow the personal self to be removed.
And here your personal will enters the picture as you have been given freedom of choice.
You can choose to cling to old habits, stubborn belief systems and comfortable
knee-jerk reactions, or you can crucify the personal will.

'Know thyself' is the epitaph in most traditions.  Know the world that
we live in.  Know the culture that you move in.  Through immersion you come to
know the world, but there comes a time when you need to wake up and realise
that you are not that.

Dr Matthew Fox has written a Litany of Deliverance from Patriarchy. (this is
and extract)  It may be worth your while to 
print this and stick it up somewhere where you can see it often - to remind you
that this is the world that you live in - your mind has been conditioned
to accept this 'sin' as reality :

A Litany of Deliverance

From Patriarchy's dualism
From Patriarchy's proneness to self-pity
From Patriarchy's sentimentalism
From Patriarchy's violence
From Patriarchy's lack of imagination
From Patriarchy's intellectual laziness
From Patriarchy's lack of authentic curiosity
From Patriarchy's separation of head from body
From Patriarchy's preoccupation with sex
From Patriarchy's fear of intimacy
From Patriarchy's reptilian brain
From Patriarchy's envy and manipulation of children
From Patriarchy's abuse of women
From Patriarchy's homophobia
From Patriarchy's righteousness
From Patriarchy's forgetfulness of beauty and art
From Patriarchy's quest for immortality
From Patriarchy's matricide, spare us O Divine One!

Secondly, as in archery, the seeker has to go through the seemingly simple
practice, day after day, year after year.  It seems so simple and unnecessary.
To the mind it seems outdated and old-fashioned.
Why is all of this necessary, when I can merely aim at the target, shoot
and hit the target and walk away feeling satisfied with my efforts and results?
Because then you have missed the mark, my friend.

Aum Isis-Maria-Sophia
In Bhakty
Bhaktymayi Ma