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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Om Ave Maria

Om Ave Maria

Oh Glorious Universal Mother of all
Divinity endless encompassing all
I thank you for showing yourself always
For opening my eyes to see

Your face Your presence
Infinity large
Minuscule small
The cloaked cloud
The constant breath
The rushing river
The focused roaming wind
The piercing sun
The rain of grace
The Light of thunder
Calm during the storm

All reaching infinitely
A force of and beyond
Tangible, solid as the biggest mountain
Gentle, subtle as the caress of the slightest feather

Your face
Bhakty Ma Ji's face
My face

Your grace

Thank you for choosing Bhakty Maji Ma
Thank you for the depth
Thank you for the darkness
Thank you for the serpent sigh
Thank you for the chaotic stillness
Thank you for the endless flowering petal
Thank you for the comforting scorch
Thank you for the place of one-ness
The sweet shudder

I am loved
I am love
All is love
All that is and all that is not
The binding of it all and the scattering of every aspect
All arranged perfectly

Your endless caved womb
Your breast
The bursting heart oozing endless
Golden syrupy nectar of love
Of life
Of death

Zaneta Astera DeviMaria

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