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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Beloved

I breathe
You fill my nostrils
I sigh
You fill my lungs
May I receive your Love
Blessed am I

I move unexpectedly
to catch a forbidden glimpse of your face
May I sit at your feet
Blessed am I

When I fell, you picked me up
When I lost a child you held me
When I found my Call
You answered for me
May I hear your voice
Blessed am I

I dedicate to You
my Heart
I give to You
the keys of my Soul
May I receive your Light
Blessed am I

I commit to you every step I take
Every realization I gain
I offer to you
My warrior poet
Every word that tumbles from his lips
May I receive your Radiance
Blessed am I

I offer to you
My sacred dancer
Her grace and flexibility
Her swaying hips
May I receive your Grace
Blessed am I

I offer to you
My art
The stroke of my paintbrush
You hold my hand
I become the canvas
You the paint
May I receive your Presence
Blessed am I

I offer to you
My sensual Lovers
The heat of our intense desire
The smoke as it moves to the heavens
The ecstasy of coming together
 May I receive your Touch
Blessed am I

My heart belongs to You
As does my Soul
Every step is dedicated to follow
Through the freezing light
of the Underworld
into the forbidden garden of delight
facing demon and dragon
listening for the call

Oh my Beloved
Find me
Bring me back into the fold
Lead me into the perfumed garden
Into the temple of my soul.
Sri Bhaktymayi Ma Hettienne Grobler

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