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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot deck sale


The Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot decks were printed during Covid19's highest lockdown in South Africa.  All businesses, except essential services, were closed down for a couple of months.  This, together with the collapse of international freight, minimum staff at Customs, and on and on, had a disastrous effect for the printing of a relatively small batch of cards.  I had to face challenge after challenge for the printing of both the decks and the books.  Businesses were in survival mode and there was no re-printing or tweaking of cards. 

Eventually I found a printer that could deliver, but only after I had received 300 decks from various printing company.  Some went straight into the recycling, but some I kept.

The Mysteries of the Black Madonna decks are sold out but I do have two boxes of decks that have minor imperfections.  I am planning to put these up for sale at a reduced price. 

Each deck will be accompanied by a handmade black velvet pouch lined with gold, the guidebook and the deck of cards.

The imperfection is the very noticeable die cut mark on the top and bottom ends of the cards. These cards are also laminated with a waterproof matte layer which makes the cards thicker and sturdier than the ones that I have been selling.

I will share more clear and in detail pictures when they go up for sale in the online shop at www.hergracesacredart.com

 I will also offer the option to purchase one of a variety of miniature Mary statues.  These are not available as a purchase on its own as the postal shipping is totally unreliable and there are still countries that are not open for mail from Africa.  Shipping is only offered with DHL Courier Express which is a direct delivery by courier.

Patrons of The Temple of Mary on Patreon always receive first choice and the date that the decks will be dropped in the shop with everyone else will be shared here on this blog and on my Instagram feed @walkingwithmary. 



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