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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Meditation Exercises for Resurrection

We are often aware that we are trying to facilitate change for ourselves. We are also often acutely aware that something within has to die. It may even feel like a mask that has to be peeled away; an outer container that has to be broken through in order for the chrysalis to transform into a butterfly. But we are not always conscious of the next step that we are required to take. Remember, that you will be asked to go through this process many times in your life and there are seven major initiatory passages through which you will have to find your way. And the way through is by letting go, allowing the dissolution to take place, before the resurrection and re-birth can become a reality.

There is only today and the present moment, but we choose to hold on to our stories and to our history. We choose to carry over the hurts and the resentments and make it part of our identity. But the immortal, timeless self has no history and no baggage. The timeless eternal self knows how to find the freedom and the divine bliss and your body and brain is wired to facilitate this journey!! So, walk with me, enter through the gates and follow the river that flows to the ocean of bliss.

The personal self does not exist. It is a conglomeration of stories and ideas, concepts and beliefs, which can change in the blink of an eye. It takes great courage to practise the acceptance that you do not exist and therefore that none of your personal accomplishments are important. The human mind has been conditioned into attachment, but as the Buddha discovered, attachment leads to suffering.

The following is a very powerful tool and exercise to facilitate the unclothing of the self and the dismantling of the constructions that you have erected around your radiant nature and identity. It will help you to release the grip of subconscious beliefs and limiting thoughts, if you practise this regularly. It is a gentle, expanding meditation, that will prepare the way for deeper processes (to follow).

Sit down and prepare for meditation.
Set the alarm for twenty minutes.
Quieten your mind and take a few deep breaths.
Now turn your attention inwards.
Be with yourself both in mind and heart, i.e. in your thoughts and feelings.
Regard yourself as a completely new person and being. Your history no longer exists. Let it go. Let it flow from you. Allow it to peel away from your energy field. Relax even deeper.

Everything that you have done, that you have achieved, no longer exists. Let it go. Let it flow from you. Let it go, let it go. Your past is not you. Your past no longer exists. Let it go. Allow it to leave your energy field. Feel the emptiness that is being created. None of the decisions and choices that you have made up till now, is valid. You are in the present moment. There is only the present moment. It is empty and void. You are in the void. You are the void. Experience yourself and the absolute complete emptiness. Maintain your focus and awareness on the nothingness. Remain with the no-thing. Breathe the no-thing. Be the no-thing.

Stay in this space of awareness of nothing as long as you can. It may take a few practise sessions to fully relax into the acceptance that your past no longer exists. Observe your own thoughts and feelings, and continue to let go, let go, let go. This practise will take its own form and become your own personal experience and journey.

Remember, we never step into the same river twice.

blessings on your journey

Divine Mary Speaks : Fullness of the Heart

FULLNESS OF THE HEART -A message from Mother Mary, Keeper of the Sacred Heart and the Feminine Christ

From the fullness of the Heart you move into the full expression of Self into the world. Fullness of the Heart can be directly experienced through immense happiness, joy, ecstasy and indeed witnessed in Grace in everyday living. Fullness of the Heart is the doorway into the embrace of the Feminine Christ and indeed into radiant ecstatic living.

So it is obvious that if there is a perception or belief that the spiritual heart and the personal heart is empty, you will not be able to express or manifest outside of yourself; you will not be able to access your sacred desires and passions. All of these are your doorways into the ecstasy of God. Most of you have been conditioned and taught to run on half-empty - this becomes such a habit that you do not even realize that you are operating from a place of force rather than power. In the world of duality, such a feeling of scarcity and emptiness will then lead to greed and the belief in taking more than what you need and taking at the expense of others (and yourself) - it gives life to archetypes in your psyche which will devour you and your existence.

As this belief system is not in the Grace of Light and it does not exist on the level of your True Self, this becomes a split off from the Self and you develop a separate personality aspect that has the power to lead a separate existence – even unknown to your ego self! This self then grows and lives in the shadow of your True Self and in your unconscious darkness. The aspects of the personality act in stealth and they live ‘under the radar’ so to speak. They go quietly about their business, doing their best not to alert you to their subterfuge and existence. These aspects are often the saboteurs in your life and they are the ones that keep you stuck where you are and going round and round in circles. And indeed, this is part of their function.

They are designed by the mind as gatekeepers – guardians of the inner garden – they are there to keep you out of your sacred garden and to keep you ignorant of the potential that lies within. Should you wake up to their existence and you change your ways, they will have to die. The more invested and identified you are with their existence, the stronger their hold and control over you become. Symbolically they can be seen as usurpers of the kingdom and the false king/queen on the throne - they become your false masters. They rule without mercy and the inner garden becomes a wasteland under their rule. You become a stagnated being, subject to rules that you do not even understand and you go through life in a ‘trance’, hypnotized by their chants and mantras.

But the wonderful news is that if you are looking for answers and a new way of being with and in yourself, then the power of the trance has been wearing off. At a level, you are becoming rebellious or desperate enough to consider breaking out of the jail and overthrowing the government of the mind. You do not need to uncover and identify each and every aspect of the personality! You do not have to de-construct the construction that you created! You do, however, have to have the intent, dedication and commitment to ALLOW the deconstruction and most of all, you have to have faith and absolute trust in the Love and Grace of Soul.

When one first wakes up to the darkness within and all its shadows, the temptation to accredit this creation to the Ego and subsequently give it power, is very strong, But this is just another ploy by mind to take the credit and the glory in a skewed manner and thus to own your power again. This is where it is so important NOT to become identified with the mind and the body. You are neither. You are the True Self. Mind and body is the product of the world, created as a playground, or a school (whichever you choose to believe in). You did not create your mind. Neither did you create your body. You did not control your childhood and all its conditioning experiences, and so on. The Creator did and through awareness, surrender and acceptance you can allow the Creator (Your True Self/Soul/Christ) to dissolve the veil.

The fullness of the heart is your key into the other world. The fullness of the heart is the door into freedom, grace and bliss!! When the heart is full, the senses are satisfied and there is no subconscious belief in scarcity and lack of love. Love translates into the physical world as everything, i.e. objects, needs, desires, security, joy, happiness, clarity, creativity and it translates as the most basic fundamental material existence of needing an income, needing employment, a house, being able to provide for your family, being treated with love and respect and everything else that you need to exist in a happy life. Therefore love is not only a feeling or even an action, nor is love limited to personal relationships : ultimately love is yourself. Love is all that there is.

Love is the very fabric that you are made of and Love is the nature of God.

Thus, it is obvious, that where your mind creates its own sub-beliefs that exclude the presence of Love (which it by its very nature it will do), it will separate you from your wholeness and it will cast shadows in your life. It is also true that Love does exist everywhere at all times, even in the shadows, but this is only obvious and known to you when you have let go sufficiently of your mind-body identification and you are detached from the importance of the self.

When I use the word 'heart', I refer to the High Heart or the Spiritual Heart. Your ultimate desire and longing is for conscious realisation of union with God. When this desire is fulfilled, all needs are met.

When the divine Fire splits into Light and Flame, you have the duality of Will and Desire - thus the play between the archetypes and their shadows. These create the divine play of polarity and duality for you - they provide the tension so that you can create and the secret is not to become identified with either the 'good' or the 'bad' archetypes. It is to witness this play in yourself with love, ie with acceptance. Acceptance that this is the way it is meant to be; that it serves a purpose in your life and just because you do not know or understand yet, it does not mean that it should not be this way. Intellectually, there are many explanations and belief systems and traditions. These are all attempts by the human mind to either understand or to put into words the direct knowing which is being experienced beyond the veil. Have your own direct experiences and know for yourself. Bhakty, the act of devotion by the surrendered self, will grant you these direct experiences.

Although all of this sounds very mystical, the spiritual life is a practical, grounded way of living. It is a softening of your boundaries, a dissolving of identity and a letting go of your attachment to how you think things (including yourself and your reactions and your behaviour) should be and should not be. It is actually a much easier and much simpler way of living, than the way of the mind!

The five steps of the path of love will take you to the door of the Heart and its servant of bhakty .

Firstly, let go of your defences and allow yourself to become vulnerable. When you practise allowance this activates Love into Action! Through your willingness to hand over control of your life, you are putting your Soul into the driver's seat of your journey and this is true surrender. Surrender to the principle of Love. In order to surrender, you have to access your own willingness to trust and to develop faith. Faith is a skill - it has to be developed through the consistent effort of surrender. As you can see the entire process calls forcommitment and the willingness to persevere, despite appearances.

Through continual surrendering to a greater power, letting go of trying to control your identity and your experience, you will expand into a greater sense of self. Layers of conditioning and habitual action and patterning can just fall away. Your consciousness changes without you having 'done' anything and miracles start to happen. And, finally, you live in acceptance, a subtle shift, a bridge into a state of peace and fullness of heart.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Divine Mary Says - the kiss of Light

It is a soft dawn sprinkled with the drops of birdsong.
In the sky the new moon is hanging just above the rising sun.
I ponder my statue of Mary on a pillar and what this symbology
means.  I know that there is a Mary on the Pillar in the cathedral
in Chartres which I am set to visit in September.

Cloaked in the haze of the morning light, intense bliss rises in me,
both tightening and releasing my heart and chest simultaneously
and I hear the voice of Mary. 

'You are not who you think you are.  It is not necessary,
and at times quite pointless, to hang on to your weaknesses,
foibles and strengths with such intent and focus.
Your nature may not always please you,
or suit your idea of who you are.
The more you resist what is happening in your life
and the more you resist your nature,
the greater the wall which is blocking the light.
Only the warmth of the Light and its spiritual
qualities of acceptance, compassion, 
understanding and peace, can 
bring life back to the barren wasteland that lies
behind that wall.

Seekers do not realise that it appears to them that they
are indeed making choices, but this is very seldom true.

You are a compilation of impressions, feelings, reactions,
memories, half-felt emotions, fleeting desires and wishes
and unexplored and half-lived dreams.
You carry within you the memories of all time.
At times you may appear to be a book, its pages the
Keeper of all stories ever told and at other times
you may feel like the blank pages, ready to be written onto.
Both of these ideas may drive you to frustration,
and into trying to become either or both or even
to transcend the human experience by side-stepping
the creative dance of creating and destroying.

But you are so much more than
all of the above.  Within you lies the Godseed, dormant,
waiting on the Kiss of Light.  Only the mind, with its
ideas like clouds in the sky, is obscuring the Light
from awakening the Tree of Life within you.

A mind locked down with ideas and concepts and beliefs
of how you should be, is like concrete poured down onto
a pavement.  It is only with the wearing away of time and
weather that cracks can form, through which the tendril
of a soft new plant can grow.  This tiny plant has the 
potential to become the beanstalk 
that will take Jack into the heavens
of the giant.

A mind concretized with set ideas and theories, is the greatest
obstacle to peace and ongoing 'enlightenment'.
There is so much that you are unaware of.
You can only see through your own lens of perspective
and perception.  You only have a choice between
fear and love.  When fear is the stone buried at the
foot of the tree of life, then all those living tendrils and
branches  will be weakened and twisted by fear.
However, if your Philosopher's Stone is cast in love,
then the Tree of Life will be rooted in the Real.

Only that which is Unchanging is Real and True.
The mind changes constantly.  Thoughts are blown like
clouds in the winds of the body.

The mind and body absolutely fears and resists change.
on all levels. 
There is a saying, 'rather the devil you know'
Then there is the great inner Judge thrown into the mix as well.
And the desire for self-improvement.
All of these are fertilised by the idea that who you are is not
good enough and that you and your life should be different.
Your life can look different and your experiences can
be different.  You can achieve goals and have your
desires and wishes fulfilled

But you can also have peace and harmony,
joy and human understanding,
compassion and love for everything and
everyone, right now, without making any
changes and definitely without improving yourself
or your life.

That moment of absolute alignment with the
Spirit within, is the kiss of the Light.
And all you need for that to happen, is to drop everything.
By that I mean that you can let your mind
and its many doors and passages and rooms, drop away.
Over and over.
Every day
Every time

I found this beautiful image on the internet - if you are the photographer please let me
know and I will add your name.

The boundary and limitation
that time creates, is the wall around the garden of Eden
and your willingness to enter naked,
leaving the fear behind, opens the gate
and makes it possible for you to
receive the inner Kiss

The biggest secret is that there is no secret.
Everything in every moment is as it should be.
Actions taken in Time have set the wheel of destiny
in motion and only a Philosopher's Stone of Love
combined with the Kiss of Light
has the alchemical power to break the bonds of time.

Teaching yourself to live in alignment with the Spiritual Sun
and the Light of God, is a skill.

In order to acquire this skill, you have to tame and master
your mind to accept either fear or love.
That is the only choice you have.

In every moment you can ask yourself :
what would Love do?
One can replace Love with Acceptance or
Surrender to God, or to the Great Spirit,
or the Tao or the Unlimited, Eternal and Unchanging.

Does my action or reaction imply Love or Fear?

When you criticize yourself for getting angry - ask yourself
is that response based in fear or love?
If I root myself in the Real, in Love, would I
judge anger and deem it as a 'negative' reaction?
And why would I do that?
Is it because I fear that it will drag me down into
dark emotional depths which I fear?
And is it that I believe that God is not in the
darkness and that I will be separated from
my Creator?

Is it because you fear 'losing yourself'?
That would imply that yourself is the True Self.
How better to allow the True Self, the one that is
aligned with the Light, the Spiritual Sun within,
to emerge by losing the false self?

The self is a set of ideas and beliefs grounded
in the belief that you are separate from your Creator.
The mind that creates this limited self is intent
on keeping you bound in this belief system and it will
show you many other theories and paths and
systems that support this theory.
As long as you believe that you have been cast
out of the garden and that you are now
begging outside the walls of the castle,
you will try to find the key to the secret door
which does not exist.

You are the Keeper of the Castle and you can only
stay the beggar whilst you allow your mind
to talk you into holding that begging bowl up
to God, begging for that which you have already
been given.

You have the power to put any theory to the test
and to be transformed by your own realisations.
You are standing in the Light and each moment
that you open your heart and you accept yourself
and your nature and the many selves that you have created,
you will receive the kiss of Light.

And I ask you to share your love with everyone,
as we are all the One.'

Ave Maria