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Friday, June 21, 2013

Important dates in Temple of Mary



Second Initiation into the Temple of Mary - Mystery of the Cosmic Christ and the Rose Queen
Friday 19 (19h00), 20 and 21 April till 15h00 at Blue Butterfly Tulbagh. This will be the Second Initiation in the Temple of Mary incl Initiation Manual,  Freedom through Love process on cd. Cost R2750

Third Initiation into the Temple of Mary - The Mysteries of Sophia, Our Lady of Wisdom and the etheric bodies
Friday 30 (19h00), Saturday 31 to Sunday 1 September 15h00 at Blue Butterfly Retreat Centre Tulbagh Cost R3000

Fourth Initiation into the Temple of Mary - The Ancient Power Mysteries of Isis
Friday 14 March to Sunday 16 March 2014
Blue Butterfly Retreat Centre Tulbagh

Sacred pilgrimage to Paris, Chartres and the South of France - Notre Dame, Montmartre, The Temple of La Madeleine, Chartres, the Mary Magdalene pilgrimage, Sarah la Kali and Lourdes
18 - 30 May 2014

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


There is a favourite story of the Hopi, who once lived under the earth 
and there was an overpopulation problem. 
The Hopi men did nothing about it but then the women
became so intolerable that the Hopis made up their mind to climb a level higher. 

Then they settled again and everything went right, 
and then again there was overpopulation, and the men did nothing. 
They would have gone on like that forever if the women 
hadn't become so impossible, making scenes from morning till night. 

Then the men got going. That is still true. 
And that is why the doctrine of a lady, 
who should never raise her voice and always be like the Virgin Mary, 
really causes her husband to remain asleep about his anima problem. 

If she doesn't make a thunderstorm from time to time, 
he generally doesn't wake up, 
he just doesn't see. - Marie-Louise von Franz, 
The Cat A Tale of Feminine Redemption

She who will no longer be silenced.

This relationship between masculine and feminine,
man and woman, husband and wife,
starts within the self and She is stirring
and waking the masculine world.