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Friday, May 3, 2013

To find our true heart is to find our dark side too. The heart is not all bliss and goodness. An opened heart reveals who we are in all its fullness. Sin (the error of missing the mark) is the choice to act out our dark side - what Carl Jung calls our shadow.

Our work is to turn from sin, that is to repent and make amends. Then we commit ourselves to act from choices that lead us to act from light. Our mistakes

Even our faults become honey in the hive of our hearts.

How do we deepen our hearts as well as open them? We increase our capacity to love others unconditionally This inclusiveness makes letting go of fear a spiritual practise. We cannot do this alone. It requires Grace. The belief that. if we dont do things ourselves, they wont happen, leads to a sense of emptiness. Grace is the gift of God that expands and and extends our love and virtue beyond what our ego is capable of on its own - Robert B Clarke, The Sacred Heart of the World

Bhakty Maria Ma

Grace by Astera Devi Maria

Of mind and heart, soul and spirit,
Grace; the thousand suns, the darkest hour.
An oozing puss of mystical reality,
Paradox comprehended for one brief moment.

A sigh,
Oh the sweet sweet breath,
What humbling rapture of true stillness.

Grace; the bursting Love of Being,
Generosity of existence - life and death.
To my knees I'm driven,
May I dissolve to merge more.

My tears flow;
in joy, in humility, in reverence.
A shudder taketh my breath away.
Gasping as my eyes close again,
my head surrendering the bow of my own crown.

Sweet sweet surrender...


Astera Devi Maria