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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sacred Union

In the Book of Mary, the two becomes One. East meets West; masculine joins with feminine; duality recedes and unity is revealed. Boundaries between religions and philosophies disappear; boundaries between self and others dissolve and ultimately self is known as Self. 

Light/Jyothi is Grace. Grace is not limited to a belief system, tradition, religion or spiritual path. The Sun shines on everyone and everything with equal disregard for belief in separation.

The Christ is not limited to a belief system, tradition, religion or spiritual path. The Christ is the Divine Blueprint of Perfection and the Sacred Heart of Divinity. The Christ is an emanation of the Ray of Compassion.

Kundalini is known by many names : Grace, Light, Jothy, Holy Spirit, Shekinah, Sophia, Kali and Mary. She is the Shakty, goddess within that illuminates the path to sacred union.

She is the Divine Mother, the One who Initiates.  She is the birthing and containing mother who gives us safety and She is also the ego-devouring mother who transforms us. 

The Great Mother remains true to her essential, eternal and mysterious darkness, in which she is the center of the mystery of existence - Erich Neumann.

Mary nourishes and comforts us as does 'the valiant woman' in the Book of Provers.  We find this in Mary in the images of her in motherly poses.  The transformative power of Mary is in the suffering she models and guides us through, kneading our ego like the true bread that will then rise and be transformed.  Kali Ma has three complete sides to her qualities :  goodness, passion and darkness.  She is both motherly and sexual;  both transformative and sensual.

As the Flame descends through Grace, or holy baptism or shaktipat, it snakes through the body and it purifies the self.  Until the Self has mastered the fear of the self, the Flame may be experienced and perceived as an enemy of the self.  The self will defend against its own dissolution.  Therefore, it is necessary and required that the initiate undertakes a sadhana (spiritual practice) that will reveal the nature of the Self, both dark and light.  Self-knowledge is the key.

The Flame is the Grace and the Light.

Arut Perum Jothi
Arut Perum Jothi
Thani Perum Karunai

Vast Grace Light
Vast Grace Light
Infinite Divine Compassion -  Verses 1 and 2 from the Jothi Agaval by Swami Ramalinga, Siddha Saint.

Swami Ramalinga, the Siddha, who merged with Jothi, teaches that the Vast Grace Light is both Divine Father and Mother. The Jothi unfolds like a rose in the cup (skull) and fills the head with bliss.

'Through self-knowledge you have come to understand that your greatest obstacles become your best allies. You will use all of that which you struggled with, as tools to carry the message of the Grace Light.' Swami Ramalinga

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alchemy of the Heart : Lapiz Message from Lady Mary


 The blue stage brings the first glimmer of light and the awaiting dawn into the blackness of the Nigredo of the Alchemical Journey of the Soul.

This morning, as I prepare to put down some insights and thoughts on the Lapiz stage, Divine Mary enters with a message for you, the reader.

Dearest one, listen to my words with your heart. Be still and hear. Close your eyes and stare deeply into the infinite silence. Receive the gentle energies of the Sacred Heart and let the Realisations drop like pebbles into the lake of acceptance and peace.

There is no ideal human being; there is no ideal way of being; there is no ideal way of experiencing your human-ness, your relationships and your and other's actions and creations. By putting the illusion of an ideal onto yourself and onto the world around you, you are setting yourself up for failure, shame and guilt. The inner war that rages in the breast of the human, is the war between mind and heart. The mind has been trained to have certain expectations of how you should be, how a 'normal', 'healthy' and 'happy' childhood should have been, how your partner should act, how others should treat you. All of these have been written into a code of conduct, but every one's code is different, it changes perpetually and any attempt at adhering to a code, instead of allowing Love to guide and lead you, leads to rigid and painful behaviour, manifesting in crippling and restrictive disease and circumstance.

 At times it may appear that you have found those whom subscribe to the same code of conduct as yourself, and that it is emotionally safe to side with them and to seek shelter with them against 'others' or against your own feelings of pain and suffering. And then, in the blink of an eye, betrayal takes place! And you feel disillusionment, betrayal and abandonment and the suffering sets in.

 This is because no such code exists. The only code that is Real, is Love and Love is Unconditional, without conditions, without expectations, without withholding, without distinction, without judgement, without division.

The ideal that exists in your mind, has been created through your conditioning and your personal experiences. This ideal can never be met and can never be fulfilled. Therein lies much suffering. This ideal is not meant to be met or fulfilled. The only ideal that is Real and that can be attained by you, is the ideal of Love. Therein lies salvation.

You are not personally responsible for the early conditioning of your life; you are not personally responsible for the actions of the caretakers in your early life; you are not personally responsible for the collective consciousness of the world that you were born into and neither for the Cosmic consciousness.

Absolve yourself. Forgive yourself. Accept that in Love the Mystery exists. Only in pure Awareness can the Mystery be restored. In existence only the Golden Peace can be born. From the Infinite Ocean of Peace, the Golden One, the Son who acts and creates in peace and Love, can be born.

 Today your personal responsibility lies in your choices, in your attitude and in your efforts to clear your own personal mirror from the ingrained patterns of belief and habit. Your personal responsibility lies in accepting the Higher Power in your life and dethroning the false self from your inner kingdom. You are responsible for the state of your inner kingdom and sacred garden; for watering the seeds of understanding and higher consciousness, lying dormant, waiting to sprout; for nurturing those new plants with loving thoughts, with forgiveness for yourself and others and by keeping your eyes on the Mark of Peace.

The Soul yearns for ecstasy. The ecstasy of the highest peace which can only be attained through the freedom of guilt and the burden of shame and judgement, of self, others and the world that is seemingly created. The painful and 'broken' world that you perceive, is born from your guilt and shame. The 'failing' world that you perceive, is born from your judgement. And this world, that is being created from moment to moment, hides the golden world of Peace and Love. It obscures your Vision. When your Vision is obscured, Wisdom does not exist. Wisdom is born from Vision - clear and pure Vision. As the mirror darkens, fear sets in and it seems that your belief in guilt and shame is True. It is a never ending circle. As you expect betrayal, you will experience betrayal and you will feel the pain of believing that you have been betrayed.

But your code of conduct and your set of rules and principles, belong to you and are created by you, by no-one else. Control is when you are trying to force others to become a part of your code of conduct and your created world with its own rules and morals and principle. In other words, your ideal. Your ideal is your own and you will find many ways in which to project this ideal onto the screen of life and onto those who will fit that ideal. But if you look carefully, you will see that no-one, divine or human, fits that set of ideals perfectly.

 Perfection means the stagnation of the Soul and the life of the Soul. The Soul is born from the Ocean of Love, a never-ending existence of cycles, change, turbulence, tranquillity, beauty, organic life, death and growth.

Love accepts. Love accepts that All serves in the divine plan. Love Knows that all that seems bad, is still good. Love Knows that this 'illusion' serves you, the Golden One. Love is humble. Love understands that the arrogance of the mind is born from the fear that the ideal truly does not exist. Love Knows that the divine ideal of peace and compassion, is present at all times - even when you cannot see it, because of your darkened mirror which is clouding your Vision.

Love Knows that you are whole, that you are holy. That despite what you judge as broken, bad, negative, hurtful and betraying, your unconscious actions are invisible to you. Love Knows that you are blindfolded for a reason and that, as you grow into Love and you become more and more authentic as Whom You Are, your blindfold is removed, piece by piece. Love Knows that whilst you are in the darkness, you are still as holy as when you move into the Light. There is nowhere where God is not. Separation does not exist, other than in your mind. Perfection and idealism and codes of conduct, strengthens the belief of separation in your mind. The natural response to this belief, is the belief that you are unholy, broken and sick. The next step is that you are in 'need' of healing and that there is a lack of Love. Only your mind needs healing. The mind that excludes Love.

 Earlier I said that the Soul yearns for ecstasy. Ecstasy is found in suffering. Ecstasy is found in pain. Ecstasy is found in pleasure. Ecstasy is found in joy. There are times when the Soul finds fulfillment for its yearning for ecstasy in pain and suffering. You cannot avoid this. The human experience is one of duality. You cannot Know pleasure without knowing pain. Your habitual attempts at defending against the experience of duality and against the experience of pain, becomes your armour. Your armour becomes your character. Your soma reflects your character and it sculpts around your armour, like clay in a potter's hands. Allow the divine Potter to mould you. Accept this Love without judgement, without fear. When you listen to the wise stories available to you in myths and folk tale, you will see that this Wisdom is available to you, all around you. She speaks to you wherever you look, if you open your eyes and ears. Only Good comes from all. There is only one consciousness Present and that is the Consciousness of Divine Love.

 At times it would seem that no matter what, you are incapable of choosing loving and peaceful ways of acting. Then it is thus. Accept it and forgive yourself for not complying with your ideal state of being. Your True state and being is one of Absolute Love and Compassion. The web of that has been woven by the mind needs to be scrubbed away. This will take time. Set the intent. Ask for help, Divine or mortal. Stay in a state of acceptance and forgiveness. Hold the tension of the opposites. Live in the duality without resistance. And slowly but surely, the old energy will make way for the new. As the energy tracks in the auric field and brain changes, thus the neural pathways in the physical brain changes, the soma adjusts and remanifests and your self comes into alignment with your Golden Self. But this is only possible when you take back the projection of the idealised Self and allow the Self to manifest and to flow through you into this world and re-create a new world.

So, today step back from your own life. Hand it over to my Wise Ways and allow your child to come out and play in the Sun of Love and Adoration.

 Ave Maria.

The Most Secret Experience

Of all experiences of the inner self, Kundalini is the most secret, the most protected. It is the most intimate, the most personal. One does not wish to speak of it because to do so is--as it were--to reveal sacred knowledge, to expose secrets divulged in private to oneself, the single listener. Kundalini brings us in direct confrontation with that which we are--our quintessential, fundamental self--that range of sensation and patterned feeling, the memory of which we long ago buried in the depths below consciousness, but which occasionally surfaced, briefly and in disguise, in moments of intense feeling.

But once reencountered, we know it (the tonos, the way of being) immediately as our very selves, the stranger we have yearned to meet, the god we have sought to know. It confirms the familiar assertion, so oftechallenged or denied--we and the god are one.

To describe the sensation of Kundalini is like delineating the course of sexual arousal. Can one adequately convey to another--in words--that which is experienced in the realm of pure sensation? I think not. It is personal, unique, part of the individual repertoire of response. By listening to my account of my experience, you may, possibly, relate it to something in your own sphere and judge it to be similar or not. But you can never know the true quality of my subjective response unless you become me, or, like a spirit, enter my system in order to taste with my mouth, sense with my nerves.

But Kundalini is far more than a sensation. It is at once an awakening, a recognition, and a call. The awakening is into awareness of that which before was merely reputed, but is now confirmed. The recognition is of an inner process and response at once new and familiar, whether from this life or another. The call is to deal with it, integrate it, and then carry its energy forward into a new enterprise. To ignore it is to turn one’s back on god.
How meagre is our vocabulary when we refer to pleasurable physical/mental experience. We can speak of what is joyous, blissful, rapturous, ecstatic, orgasmic, even. But after that, words fail. To know more, we must enter the realm of experience, for knowledge can come only from the event, not from its descriptors. The account of the experience is like a report relayed to the back lines from advance scouts up ahead. The description of the mountain is not the same as being one with the mountain. To know the mountain, one must go into its presence and fuse with that which it is.

(from "Unmasking the Rose," by Dorothy Walters)