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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot deck sale


On Friday 22 April I am making available 20 Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot decks at a reduced price.  

I printed the Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot deck during the drastic Covid19 pandemic lockdown.  Many printing companies had a shortage of paper and staff. 
Companies were under pressure to produce as fast as they could to make up for backlogs.  This experience was part of the Black Madonna initiations that went into the spiritual and creative process of creating this deck.  I used a total of 6 printers before I found one that ticked all the boxes.

I am still sitting with a number of imperfect decks that I am offering to you at a discounted price. These are perfect decks in every other way and I paid full price for them. These cards are covered with a matte laminate covering which gives it a sturdy and somewhat thicker feeling.  I was unhappy with the line of the die cut across the top and bottom edges of the cards.  Please see the pictures.

The cards are printed on 380 gsm with a soft matt laminate layer, thicker than the varnished cards that I sold a year ago. 

There are no die cut lines on the long sides of the cards

The die cut lines are on the top and bottom edges of the cards

Unfortunately, due to the problems with the postal services, I can only ship with DHL Courier Express, efficient, safe and fast, but expensive. Delivery is within 10 days.

The post office still cannot guarantee nor track international delivery.  I ship from South Africa worldwide with DHL Courier Express.  The cost is included in the price of the deck set.

I ship the decks as printed matter which means that in the US no custom tax is payable.  However, under the new EU custom tax law changes, all contents have to be declared and it is taxable.  The shipping costs are not taxable.

This is a unique deck based on the mystical path of the Black Madonna and it is designed to be used as a tool on the spiritual journey.  It has been five years dedicated to research, pilgrimage, ritual, ceremony, and the creation of 79 shrines.  This deck is a book of altars, opening the door to a deeply sensual experience of the mystery of She Who wears the Black Cloak of the Night Sky.  Here you will discover little known names, long forgotten rituals, and a fragrance once known.  My vision is that this book of sacred altars will become a flowering and fragrant offering on many altars dedicated to Her, and that you will experience her direct gaze of wholeness.

It is also obvious that the art and iconography of the shrines, sanctuaries and statues imbue a certain sensitivity which connects with that most authentic, unveiled part of oneself. It is not the merit of the art that is most evocative to the pilgrim, but rather the pure devotion and worship of the believers who created the iconography and iconosphere of the shrines, which evoke a deep sense of being 'at one' with the sacred in the beholder.

When you enter the iconosphere or sacral space of the sanctuary, you enter into a profound ritual relationship which changes you. Your visual interaction with the sacred icon transforms you from tourist into pilgrim;  your visit becomes a ritual pilgrimage and you enter into a sacred relationship with those who have worshiped here before you and you become a devotee, even if it is only for the duration of your visit.  You are alchemically transformed from a passive visitor, who came to see the shrine, into an active participant in something far greater than ordinary life and its struggles.

Shrines and sanctuaries in their representation of the miraculous event, apparation or sacred story that took place there, are an intrinsic part of the ritual and relationship with the sacred.  The statues and other iconic works of art that are created to embody the apparition or miracle of the sacred being, are believed to be and has proved to be full of power.  Copies of these icons and shrines are also believed to carry some of the same power as they represent the sacred event and physical embodiment through the iconography.  The small souvenirs which include holy medals, ex-votos and especially the smaller replicas of the holy icon, are also an important part of the sacred relationship and serves an important ritual function in the personal devotion to the Mysteries.


 I have shared the context, research and creating process of the Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot deck on Temple of Mary on Patreon.

I also share the pilgrimages and The Way of Mary as a spiritual path of freedom, with shaktypat, diksha, mantra and prayers.

I am currently working on the Mysteries of the Red Madonna, the Passion of Mary Magdalene and am sharing the visions and dreams and spiritual understanding on which the deck is based.

I also share on Instagram - @walkingwithmary


Hettienne Bhaktyma

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