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Monday, February 11, 2019

Feast day of the Immaculate Conception

Today is Day Nine in this Art Novena of Our lady of Lourdes.

 I pick the flowers from my garden and make a garland
to adorn Her image
I twist ivy and roses for Her crown

I pick the first crop of gooseberries
and symbolically offer the fruits of my harvest to Her

as I sprinkle the ground around Her with
holy water from many Holy Wells

and I plant Her blessing seeds to sanctify the ground

(You can read more about Mary's Blessings seeds

I reflect on the past eight days of this novena.

While I stayed in Lourdes, the one image that still lives vividly in me,
is that of the thousands of sick visiting the shrine AND
the thousands of volunteer helpers, carers, companions and nurses.
Such giving and such receiving.  Compassion and extension to those who cannot walk, for those who cannot hide their vulnerability.  Being a part of that procession and witnessing such love openly being given and shared, touched me deeply.

So often we shut others out because we look different, act differently, believe differently.  So often we shut others out because we close our hearts for fear of revealing our vulnerability.  

A humble heart is a heart that is strong in its vulnerability.  An open heart is a door through which love flows in and out.

And such is Her infinite Love, in whatever form is true for you;
in that which has meaning for you;

In these nine days many new voices and hearts have entered my circle, taken my hand and walked through the garden of Mary with me.  Thank you for your sharing.  May we continue to meet and share the Love!

May you bathe in the river of blessings that flow from Lourdes

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