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Monday, February 29, 2016

A free diksha and meditation to receive protection from Mother Mary

The Blue Cloak of Protection

Mother Mary has given the Blue Cloak of Protection available to all those who ask Her. The Blue Cloak will cover your entire aura and with repetition of the meditation, its vibrational energy will increase and strengthen.

Diksha of the Blue Cloak of Protection - How to receive this diksha from Mother Mary

You may want to create a small altar with her image, incence and fresh flowers. Or you can use the image below.

Sit comfortably and quieten your mind. Visualise the image of Mother Mary in your mind's eye.
See her energetic Blue Cloak in your mind's eye.

Call on Her presence. 'Oh Divine Mother, please come to me; bless me with your Presence and reveal yourself'. You may become aware of a colour, a sensation or a strong rush of emotion. Allow, allow, allow. You may want to stay in the awareness of her Grace for a few moments before continueing.

Ask her to grace you with the Diksha of the Blue Cloak of Protection.

'Oh Divine Mother, by the power of Love vested in you and in myself, I ask to receive your Blue Cloak of Protection. I am willing to open my heart and mind to receive this energy transmission and to allow it to act in my energy field, cover my entire aura and protect all my energy bodies. Thank you thank you thank you. Jai Maa! So Be It'
Allow yourself to receive the energy and see/sense/visualise the Blue Cloak encircling your body. It covers your entire body down to the toes. The hood slips over your head and the two front seams meet down the length of your body.
Spend time, experiencing the energy of the Blue Cloak and take it with you, in your energy field.

Stay in this energy for 15 to 20 minutes until you feel the energies dissipate. You can repeat this meditation as often as you like. You can call on the Blue Cloak for Protection in times of anxiety or stress. The more often you meditate on the energy received during this Diksha, the stronger the energy will become.

thank you, Beloved Mother Mary, for this powerful and divine gift. 

You are invited to share these meditations and gifts with others


Hettienne Ma

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Become a Flamekeeper of The Temple of Mary

With the aid and help of God, She (Alchemy) reveals all hidden energies of the
whole wide world.  As the vine grower grafts the vine to the elm and
espalier, thus the magician, the alchemist, marries and unifies
heaven and earth, the lower and the higher energies.  (Pic de Mirandole)
(from the Initiation into the Immaculate Practise of the Sacred Heart,
Temple of Mary)

First Initiation into the Mysteries of the Temple of Mary - The Immaculate Practise of the Sacred Heart
The first initiation into the Temple of Mary is into the Immaculate Practise of the Sacred Heart.  This initiation takes place over a three month period and the meditations and practises shared during this circle of participation, form the foundation of all future practises and diksha.  The foundation work is set in this initiation and we will explore the context of the ancient temple mysteries, the alchemical process and symbols, the wisdom that Tarot offers, the tantric essence of all esoteric paths and more. 

The first step is to apply to enter into the Hearth of the Temple and a questionnaire has to be completed by the applicant. Upon acceptance you will be given a mantra to work with for seven days.  These seven days of chanting the secret mantra will serve to align your conscious and unconscious will with the work of the Temple.  Then you will sit at an agreed time to receive an energetic diksha (transmission of energies) which will initiate you energetically into the Mysteries of Mary.  
After this the manual will be sent to you in pdf format, as well as cds.  The cds contain recorded guidance and illumination of the practises, as well as selected meditation music and chants to be used during your own practise.  You will receive a healing diksha energetically at a mutually agreed time and on-going energetic support.  You will also receive on-line support through e-mails and I undertake to guide and support you to the best of my ability as long as the demands are within the boundaries of acceptable time and energy support.  I cannot resolve your life and its challenges for you - that is your part of your own personal journey.  The initiations of the Temple is designed to give you the context, the tools, the insight and the understanding into your own unconscious and its archetypes and the puppet masters of your psyche and through practise and application, you will be able to develop an awareness of the unconscious and allow the content to move into your consciousness, thus transforming and expanding your own personal consciousness.

When you have completed your training and have received your spiritual name you will have permission to use certain of the diksha and blessings on others in your capacity as Flamekeeper.

I will send you a list of recommended books to read which will assist on your journey towards Self-Realisation.

You will require a rosary, a japa mala, a small altar with cloth and a statue or image of Blessed Mary, as well as a prayer shawl or dhoti.

You will receive emails from time to time with instructions to join in with group meditations on an energetic level and also with healing focus for a specific period of time.

You may want to familiarise yourself with the Tarot as this will assist toward a deeper understanding of the symbols used in the initiations.

It is recommended that you follow my blog The Sacred Mysteries of Mary tarot at http://www.bookofmarysacredheart.blogspot.com for on-going teachings and deeper
insight into the forgotten story of  Mary.
It is important that you are subscribed to the blogs The Wisdom Keeper and The Temple of Mary - links are in the side column of this blog.

Here is the link to the website page :


Hettienne Ma


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Is She calling you?

The Temple of Mary is opening her doors to welcome new initiates.  There has been a call to invite and welcome international  initiates as Flamekeepers of the sacred hearth of Mary, the Feminine Christ.  The online temple training will provide you with manuals in pdf format (or print on request) which include the written text, sacred practises, meditations, ritual, mantra and more.  You will also receive recorded meditations and guidance for the practises.  The duration of the training course, initiations and self study is nine months, one initiation every three months and during the tenth month you will receive your spiritual name and be initiated as a sacred Flamekeeper of The Temple of Mary.
Subscribe to the blog Temple of Mary at bookofmarysacredheart.blogspot.com
and receive updates.  
 The first initiation into the Temple of Mary will open on 1 March 2016. 
Visit the Temple of Mary website
 for more information about the content of the initiations

Information on the four initiations are being uploaded
on the website here :

The Temple of Mary is dedicated to The Path of Love
in the mystery tradition of
esoteric Christianity and the Bridal Chamber mysteries
as contained in the Kaballah, Tantra and the ancient Christian
Temple Mysteries. 
 The Sacred Marriage takes place in the Temple of the Heart.
We travel through the seven veils or gates in order
for the Way to be opened up and for the
Mother Ray to burn brightly in the Chalice.

The Sacred Marriage takes place between Logos,
the intellect, enlightenment, knowledge
Lady Wisdom, Sophia, she who is
one with unconditional love and compassion and who
weaves her spirit in this world through our actions.

Knowledge alone will not gain you entry into
the Temple of Heart, the Kingdom of God.

Initiates of the Temple of Mary are Bhakta (devotees to the 
principle of Divine Love) and Flamekeepers (serving  The Temple of Mary). Initiates are guided by the Temple and Vision Keeper Sri Hettienne Ma Bhakty Maria .

A divine feminine consciousness is arising in collective humanity. Feminine and masculine do not refer to gender, but to the active and receptive principles. Millennia of patriarchy (the father principle) and church teachings have suppressed men and women and the feminine principle and many have suffered and many are still suffering because of our imbalanced society and the general hardening of hearts. And the suffering is not gender exclusive. All of humanity, the Earth and her creatures are suffering because of the suppression of the feminine and the loss of compassion and empathy that comes with it.
 We honour the embodiment of the Divine in the mythical, the mystical and the ordinary.

We honour Mary the Virgin, the Bride, the Mother and the Wise Woman. We honour Mary as embodiment of the Goddess and the feminine Christ. We honour the Virgin Mother who gives birth to the Sun; the Holy Rose Queen of Love and the blessed Divine Crone, Lady of Light, the Black Madonna. We honour Mary Magdalene as an aspect of Mary, the hidden Mary in the shadows and Her sacred relationship with Yeshua (the historical Jesus) which sanctifies sexual human relationships and elevates 
the relationship with the Beloved to the sacred Union. The feminine and masculine counterparts are restored to equality and unity and the Christ principle embodied through both God/dess’ sons and daughters.

The path of The Temple of Mary is a bridge between feminine and masculine, head and heart, between the Light of the East and the Light of the West – all placed at Her feet, the Great Shekinah, the Beloved manifesting as us.

The Temple of Mary does not subscribe to any religion or cultural tradition. We subscribe to the religion of the soul and the gnosis that ‘God’ (as term for the Absolute and Unchanging nature of Reality) resides in each and every soul.

Via Maria, the way of the Temple of Mary, follows the principle of Tantra or Bridal Mysticism where the Soul and Her divine Beloved, are seen as Lover and Beloved, Bride and Groom. The alchemical marriage takes place within the initiate and the golden child within (the Christ within) is born through Divine Grace.
The tradition of the Temple of Mary is based on spiritual discipline, mantra, diksha, meditation, forgiveness and service to others.
"The Madonna of course also includes what can be born out of the human soul : the true higher being slumbering in every human being, that which is best in us and flows and weaves through the world as spirit' - Rudolph Steiner

Hettienne Ma Bhakty Maria

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The arms of the Mother

Gate of Heaven
you are round and open,

Your hands are raised in blessing
blessings rain down on our uplifted faces,
Mother of the All,
you contain the answer to our deepest longings.

Fill me with hope for the new world,
a world of pervasive peace and unmitigated justice,
where swords are hammered into plowshares,
and our leaders sow vegetable seeds.

Lady of the Mountain,
I have struggled for your summit.
The ascent has been harrowing,
but I have grown strong on my journey.
Now I see the world as you see it,
broken and beautiful,
flawed and perfect.
-  Mirabai Starr from Mother of God, Similar to fire

An old furniture polish tin turned into a shrine

Give yourself over to the arms of the Mother.
Oh child of the father's house;  you have never
known such sweet Mercy
as can only be known in the arms of the Mother.

Her hands drip blessings, waiting for the asking.
Put down the weariness and dust of the ordinary world
as you turn your mind off and your heart on.

Leave the darkened room of the intellect and its
self-obsessed self-pitying behind and step through
into the garden of the physical senses and delight.

Ask for your own arms and hands to be grown back
so that you can partake of the paradise which is Earth.
Take off the blindfold of patriarchy and the lies of history,
and raise your arms to the Gate of Heaven.

She is the round Gate of Heaven.

Impossible for the intellect to wrap itself around that
vision, strangling its light and passion into dust.
Now is the time beloved, now.
Do not wait to become convinced
as the heart is born convinced of the sweet nectar
of the Mother's love.