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Friday, October 19, 2012

Do you allow yourself to walk the little way?


My love, you are closer to me than myself,
you shine through my eyes.

Your light is brighter than the Moon.
Step into the garden
so all the flowers, even the tall poplar
can kneel before your beauty.

Let your voice silence the lily
famous for its hundred tongues.

When you want to be kind you are
softer than the soul but when you withdraw
you can be so cold and harsh.

Dear one,
you can be wild and rebellious but
when you meet him face to face
his charm will make you docile like the earth.

Throw away your shield and bare your chest
there is no stronger protection than him.

That's why when the Lover withdraws
from the world he covers all the cracks in the wall,
so the outside light cannot come through.

He knows that only the inner light
illuminates his world...! Rumi



The inner life asks for subtle and persistent awareness.
The secret life of the Soul is exactly that, secret, until you unearth Her. 
She has been cut into many pieces and scattered everywhere in your inner landscape. 
 She calls for a Hero with many different cloaks to fulfill the task of gathering Her pieces, prying them loose from behind rocks and fallen-down rubble of buildings and cutting through vicious thorn bushes. 
Oh, and beware of the Trickster, always ready to divert
 and distract you from the Truth at hand!
You see, you are the one who fragmented the goddess within and you are also the one that hid her from yourself. 
And furthermore, you are standing guard so that you will not easily find her!
Those who have gone before and who successfully completed their own mission,
 tells you that you need a 'clue'. 
 In the myth of  the goddess Ariadne and Theseus, Ariadne gave the hero a clue,
a ball of red thread.
You have your own personal red thread, whispering to you all the time.  Pointing out clues, creating pain and discomfort in your body;  thwarting your plans; closing doors in your face and so on.  Instead of falling down in self-condemnation and self-loathing when this happens, stop and smell the wind.  Stop the mental whirlwind and stop looking for control and bringing 'things back on track'.  Instead, look for the cool waters of compassion within and spend some time listening to the sounds of nature in your own body.
You are often fold to find the suppressed and oppressed feelings, but it is not that easy, is it?  These feelings have been suppressed for many many years and you have become a skilful master at hiding these feelings behind rationalisations, belief systems and habitual reactions and actions.
And the body is a wonderful barometer of the soul.
St Thereza of Lisieux was a Carmelite nun who coined the term 'the little way'. 
Her thouhts were  "Love proves itself by deeds, so how am I to show my love? Great deeds are forbidden me. The only way I can prove my love is by scattering flowers and these flowers are every little sacrifice, every glance and word, and the doing of the least actions for love."
If you accept that there is no separation, that man without ego is Divine, then it is to accept that you have to sacrifice every contriving thought and every controlling act of the ego, to the Voice Within, to the Red Thread of the Goddess.
Your war is indeed an inner war of self pitted against self.
If you are looking for equilibrium you should pay attention to psychology. 
 But if you are looking for Self-Realisation, self-analysis and
fitting into a norm, will only thicken the veil.
Self-Realisation is when you realise that the self is the Self. 
It may be a long journey of many dissolutions and many surrenders,
or it may seemingly happen in a moment. 
Either way, the ego cannot make it happen;  nor can it figure out the way to get there. 
The ego is the veil that hides Her face from you.
So you can see that it is in service of the One that wants to wake the princess with the kiss, to make the ego less and less.  As the ego becomes less, the veil thins.
But, once again, there is the Trickster, playing along in this leela of snakes and ladders.
So back to the story of St Thereza of Lisieux.  She found these words spoken
by Jesus :
 "Whosoever is a little one, come to me."
The golden magical child
The Great Goddess always has a child on her lap.
Here we see Maya with Buddha;  Isis and Horus;
Mary and Jesus and Devaki and Krishna.
The Self is that part of yourself that you know as the Child.
It is the Child that is socialised and conditioned into the
acceptable behaviour of its culture and society.
It is the Child who may have been indulged
or whose will may have been completely broken
during the formative years.
It is the Child Within, that you have to come to know;
whose every whisper and every whimper you have to learn to understand;
it is the language of the child that you have to re-learn.
Here are a few clues :
when you wake up in the morning, stiff and achy, take the time to hear the voice of the child;  pay attention to those feelings that you fear so much that you override them with logic and reason and bury them deep into those joints and muscles;  when your body aches you do not have to pay attention to the feelings that are coursing through your being, screaming for attention.
when you react with a vehement and resounding 'no' almost automatically when someone makes a statement, stop to listen and to feel what you perceive to be dangerous in this situation?  is it real?  or does it hide a fear?  is the child within still hanging onto an outdated belief system?  when you feel self-righteous and even saintly and 'good', you do not have to feel the feeling or desire to act in a 'forbidden' way.
when you feel completely overwhelmed, hopeless and despondent it is a wake-up call.  feeling 'depressed' is the suppressing of a feeling.  The child, believing him or herself to be powerless and helpless against authority or those with power outside of himself, falls back into feelings of hopelessness.  This is a sure way of preventing you feeling your true feelings.
You may ask, why do I not want to feel the feelings?  There are various reasons and some of these are that when you become aware of a feeling, it demands action from you.  This action probably will mean that you may have to confront someone;  you may have to confront your own behaviour;  you may have to confront a belief system;  you may realise that you were previously arrogant and self-righteous in your outspoken opinions;  you may feel humiliated by your own actions;  you may realise that you have been sabotaging yourself and so on.
The ego is often called the false prince of the kingdom.  It is quick to don the crown and sit on the throne of the sacred garden;  the imposter ruling with reason and logic, banishing the Queen and Her Son, Lover and Consort from the Kingdom.
You cannot merely outwit this imposter with more logic and reason.
You need to take the put the crown down and step off the throne.
That way you replace the garland of thorns with flowers
Living in a patriarchal world based on outer authority, it is easy
to fall into the trap of rebellious independence and mistaking the stubborn determination
of the ego for self-paced spiritual growth.
Spiritual growth cannot be self-paced and cannot be controlled and manipulated
like a harnessed donkey.
When one realises this truth, the blessing of being guided and led by a Guru
becomes obvious.
........On the summit of Mount Kailasa resplendent,
to the master of union with devotion
having pranamed, Parvati, with devotion,
questioned Shankara...

Shree Goddess said,

Om, salutations, O God, O Lord of gods,
Beyond the beyond, O Guru of the universe!
O eternal Shiva, O great God,
the Guru initiation give to me!
By which path O Swami,
should an embodied one full of Brahman become?
Do your grace unto me O Swami,
I am bowing to your feet.

Ishvara said,

My form O Goddess you are,
for your love am I speaking,
Helpful to the world is the question,
not by anyone even done before.
Difficult to attain in the three worlds,
listen to what I am saying,
There is no other Guru apart from Brahman,
this is true, this is true, O beautiful one.
The Vedas, Shastras, Puranas,
historical accounts and others,
And the science of mantra, yantra, and so on,
smrutis, the uccatana and other incantations,
Shaiva, Shakta treatises and so on,
and others variously,
In this world cause the downfall,
of those beings with deluded minds.
Yajnas, vows, tapa, charity,
japa, pilgrimage, and so on,
The Guru principle not knowing,
fools they are those wandering people.
The Guru is the enlightened Self, no other,
this is true, this is true, no doubt.
In order to attain that, effort however
should surely be done by wise ones.
The hidden knowledge, the world's maya,
and in the body born of ignorance,
Arising by whose light,
by the word Guru it is called.
Having purified the Self of all sins,
through seva at shree Guru's feet,
An embodied one can become Brahman by this.
In order to give you grace I am speaking to you.
The lotus of the Guru's feet having remembered,
water on the head one should support,
Of bathing in all the places of pilgrimage,
he obtains this fruit, a person.
Drying up the muddy quagmire of sins,
kindling the fire of knowledge,
The water of the Guru's feet properly
is a crossing over the ocean of samsara.
Destroying the root of ignorance,
ending karmas and birth,
In order to attain detachment and knowledge,
the water of the Guru's feet one should drink.
The water of the Guru's feet having drunk,
there is the Guru's left over food.
Of the Guru's form there is always meditation,
the Guru's mantra one should always repeat.
The land of Kashi is his dwelling,
Jahnavi is the water of his feet.
The Guru is Vishveshvara incarnate,
crossing over Brahman, certainly.
But the water of the Guru's feet which is
Gaya, that is the Akshaya banyan tree.
And the king of places of pilgrimage, Prayag.
to the Guru's form, salutations, salutations.
The Guru's form one should remember continually.
The Guru's name one should always repeat.
The Guru's command one should go forth and do.
Different from the Guru one should not be.
Abiding in the Guru's mouth is Brahman,
it is obtained from his prasad.
The Guru's meditation one should always do,
like the woman of noble family on her husband.
One's stage in life and one's caste and,
one's reputation, increasing one's well being,
This all is abandoned.
Different from the Guru one should not be.
For one who thinks of nothing else but me,
easy to attain is the supreme position.
Therefore by means of all effort,
propitiation of the Guru do.
In the three worlds is one who speaks plainly,
other gods, demons, and snake-demons.
Residing in the Guru's mouth is knowledge,
but through devotion to the Guru is it obtained.
But the Gu syllable is darkness and,
the Ru syllable is said to be fire.
The swallower of ignorance, Brahman,
the Guru indeed is, no doubt.
The Gu syllable is the first letter,
illuminating the gunas, maya, and others.
The Ru syllable, second, is Brahman,
the destruction of maya's rotation.
 extract from Sri Guru Gita
- all SoulCollage images by Bhakty Ma
- more posts on the Inner Child and the Magical Divine Child on http://shaman-shewhoknows.blogspot.com and http://pathofdivinelove.blogspot.com


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